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October 3, 2023

What is a company with talented people on board, creating great products and digital solutions without marketing to spread the word about their greatness? Sticking to musical references – yes, it's exactly as you think: they're like a rock band without guitars, like a DJ without a console, and like a music festival without headliners. As you can see, some things are inseparable. 

Today, we invite you to unravel the enigma behind the marketing curtain and meet the individuals who shape the narrative of the blockchain world with ingenuity, insight, and a touch of laughter. We won't reveal the exact nature of this article (we do enjoy a bit of suspense), but consider it your backstage VIP pass to ULAM LABS' marketing department. Let's fly right from the chorus!

Chapter 1 - Life at ULAM LABS:

Can you tell us about your vision for ULAM LABS' marketing department and how it aligns with the company's mission?

Piotr (Head of Marketing & Design):
At ULAM LABS, we're dedicated to developing unparalleled digital products. I believe our marketing should be a reflection of this dedication. In the B2B sphere, we blend data-driven insights with a great commitment to creativity, ensuring that creativity always remains at the forefront.

What are some tools or approaches you use daily at ULAM LABS to ensure that we maintain our reputation as 'quality freaks' in our work?

Szymon (Content Marketing Specialist):
Key tools for crafting and refining content include Ludwig, Hemingway, Grammarly, and ChatGPT with the right prompts for creativity. Our development team serves as the ultimate source of knowledge and the last quality checkpoint before releasing our content to the world.

Karolina (Growth Marketer): As a Growth Marketer, I use essential tools like Ahrefs, Google Analytics, and Google Trends. Ahrefs helps with backlink analysis and competitor tracking, Google Analytics provides insights into website performance, and Google Trends keeps us updated on industry trends. 

How does the marketing team at ULAM LABS collaborate with other departments to ensure the company's goals are met?

At ULAM LABS, collaboration is central to our marketing team. We team up with departments like development (hello, developers!), product design, and HR to align our efforts with the company's goals. We work closely with developers to showcase our software solutions and partner with HR to enhance our employer branding.

ULAM LABS Marketing Unplugged - Part I

Chapter 2 - Personal Side:

If we were to plan a team workation, where would be your dream location to combine work and relaxation, and why?

Szymon: Among the close and local options, a cottage in the mountains stands out. Of the options further afield and ideal for 12 months of the year, Portugal is an excellent choice. With its long coastline and an equally extensive menu of local cuisine, it sounds like the perfect plan!

As a leader in the marketing department, what kind of collaborative atmosphere do you aim to cultivate within the team?

In leading the marketing department, my emphasis is on building strong relationships within the team. We prioritize a welcoming atmosphere, cultivating trust and open communication. By valuing each member's development, we ensure both personal growth and team cohesion. For us, collaboration isn't just a strategy—it's our culture.

Outside of work, what are some of your interests that inspire your approaches to growth marketing?

Beyond work, my fascination lies in psychology, particularly human behavior and decision-making. This passion deeply influences my innovative approaches to growth marketing. It enables me to create strategies that resonate with our audience's needs and preferences, making my marketing efforts more empathetic and effective.

ULAM LABS Marketing Unplugged - Part II

Chapter 3 - Opportunities and Growth:

What opportunities for professional development and career growth can potential candidates expect when joining the ULAM LABS marketing department?

When joining the ULAM LABS marketing department, candidates can expect a leadership that deeply values and recognizes individual strengths. I believe in tailoring growth opportunities to each person's unique talents, making professional development a natural progression. This not only benefits the individual but also enhances the collective strength of our team and, by extension, the entire company. It's our win-win formula for a successful journey.

Chapter 4 - Encouraging New Talent:

What advice would you give to individuals with entry-level marketing backgrounds who are interested in joining ULAM LABS?

Karolina: Be passionate about marketing and open to learning. Dedication to the field, adaptability, and a growth mindset are key. ULAM LABS offers ample learning opportunities, including tech talks and webinars. Bring a solid marketing foundation and a thirst for knowledge, and you'll thrive here.

Szymon: In my opinion, the most crucial starting point is a strong willingness to learn and a touch of humility. Not everything needs to go perfectly, and you should be open to constructive criticism and suggestions. Stay curious to grow. Dive into industry trends and learn from experts. Teamwork and sharing ideas are key.

In your opinion, what qualities or skills should candidates emphasize to be a strong fit for the marketing team at ULAM LABS?

Karolina: To excel here, bring creativity, a results-oriented mindset, and a passion for staying updated on industry trends. We value collaboration, and curiosity is key. If you're eager to explore the evolving digital marketing landscape, you'll fit right in.

Szymon: As mentioned earlier, the most important is openness. It's about embracing change, being receptive to a fresh work model, viewing problems from different angles, and, most importantly, welcoming feedback and offering it constructively.

Chapter 5 - Outro

Could this rhythm be your groove? The only way to find out is by stepping onto the dance floor! Explore our enticing benefits, reach out if you have any questions, and if you're already vibing with us, don't hesitate to hit that apply button!

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