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Great projects start with ideas. Translate them into real-life project designs and features that will be ready to develop.

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Stellar product design

Our in-house product design team can take your ideas to the next level. Whether that is a side project, a new startup or rebranding of your working platform. The UI and UX can become part of the development project, or we can scope only the design part to start with.

◦  In the market since 2018

◦  Experienced product designers & managers

◦  Crypto & finance expertise

◦  Algorand development partner

Official partner

We are an official development partner of Algorand, working with the Algorand Foundation and clients that use this technology.


We take care of the whole user experience–design, performance, and security. We audit code on Solana, Flow, and more.

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Product Design
Let us know if you’d like us to design the product.
Based on the specification and project scope, we’ll calculate the timeline, costs, and let you know about the starting date.
If it’s hard to define the scope, we propose having a set of workshops that will be done with our product design team and project managers. This way, you’ll move your idea forward, accordingly to the technical possibilities.
Knowing all user stories and requirements, we’ll design the platform!

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