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We were one of the first to release a whitelabel NFT Marketplace for the open-source community and continue to build customized solutions with our customers. Bring NFTs to your audience with an experienced team!

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White label NFT Marketplace on Algorand

We have built an Algorand NFT Marketplace. It’s open-source, so anyone can use it, as well as the community can add new features to it.

It’s the best way to launch your own, branded NFT Marketplace on a fast and secure blockchain that has close-to-none transaction fees.

◦  Released May 2021

◦  Open-source code

◦  Launched on Algorand testnet

◦  Working with MyAlgoWallet
and AlgoSigner

◦  All basic features built-in

Algorand is the official blockchain for FIFA World Cup NFT Marketplace.
Want to build yours?

Here are the key features you’ll get with our solution.

Ready to use
All the core features for minting and trading NFTs already built-in
Item listing
Users can browse available items and see what has been added recently
Secondary marketplace
NFT holders can list their items on the platform, while buyers can bid up or down
Platform commissions
You can set a platform commission fee to get revenue from each trade
Wallet integration
OpenNFT works with MyAlgoWallet and AlgoSigner
Open source code
OpenNFT code can be found on GitHub, free to use
Easy customization
Built on top of Tailwind CSS and UI, OpenNFT comes with a complete design system
Stablecoin support
USDT and USDC are supported to provide broad liquidity

Want to go the Ethereum way with your NFTs?

How about building it with a custody solution for maximum convenience?

ERC-721 & ERC-1155
Our solutions support the most popular NFT standards
NFT Collections
The Ethereum marketplace supports listing NFTs in collections
The platform can be protected against fraud with basic and advanced KYC
2-factor authentication
The extra security layer is already there
Lazy minting
You can mint NFTs and avoid high gas fees
Multiple media formats
The NFT Marketplace supports JPEGs, MP4s, and more
Trade history
Users can monitor all their trades and transactions


Great UX, frictionless performance, top-level security, and business value in 1 product.
For us, each project is like this. 

Masters of Ethereum and Solana.


We are an official development partner of Algorand, working with the Algorand Foundation and clients that use this technology.

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