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Our full lifecycle custom software development services turn concepts into reliable digital products.Partner with us and see how our custom software enhances your offer, automates processes, and boosts customer satisfaction.

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Whether you need a software solution to streamline a particular business process or looking to shake up the industry - We love a good challenge.

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Your software is up and running, but the demands for the solution have grown?
We can help you identify new requirements, match them with growth opportunities, create the strategy and enable you to thrive in your sector.

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Why Ulam Labs?

Our values
We leverage our range of unique perspectives to engineer projects that are perfect from all angles.
We are quality-driven. Our expertise in building secure, scalable, and high-quality solutions is visible in our work.
We are an in-house team of product designers, front-end, back-end & blockchain developers, QA specialists, and project managers.

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Contact us and get your project estimates based on your project's scope and specifications. Our response will cover the potential timeline, associated costs, and a possible starting date.

Deliverables Agreement

Transparency is our trait. Your feedback is very important in each stage of the project. After discussing the scope of work and your expectations, we will prepare the agreement.

Product Design +

We develop product designs that respons to the current market trends and customers needs and expectations. Our expertise in building functional yet aesthetically-pleasing products will give competitive edge at the market.

Delivery + Software
Maintenance & Support

You receive your fully functional, secure, and reliable product, tested by our developers and the QA team. After delivering the end solution, we offer our Clients ongoing software support & maintenance.

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We approach each project differently. After you submit your project idea, we will estimate your project’s timeline and approximate associated costs based on certain factors. 
Below are 3 significant variables that we analyze while counting the project's estimates:

  1. The Volume - the larger the project, the more resources we would need to assign to it.
  2. Your Direct and Indirect Competition - such an analysis gives insights into your current and desired position in the market.
  3. The Objectives - are similar to the above. We consider each project's objectives when counting the estimates.

Every project we create goes through extensive software testing and QA (Quality Assurance) stages.
Our team will evaluate and research all the potential depicts and identify possible bugs that can affect security. Our testing experts will ensure your solution runs smoothly under different conditions and is user-friendly and reliable.
Our QA team will ensure your solution meets the quality standards by analyzing the User Interface (UI) and performing code reviews.

No, we work with different industries. We provide our Clients with customized solutions that match their goals, business needs, and industry standards. Most of our Clients represent the FinTech and blockchain-related sectors. However, we have also provided solutions for companies in MedTech, AdTech, E-commerce, and many other industries. We deep dive into each project to explore the target user, market demands, trends, competition, and industry. Such profound research into the needs of our Clients and their projects allows us to be adaptable to the industries we create solutions for.