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We help you stand out in the crypto and blockchain space. Whether you're building a decentralized exchange, lending platform, a NFT service or any other project that uses cryptocurrencies and smart contracts, we'll move it forward.

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We will make your vision a reality. With our expertise in crypto apps, trading services, DeFi applications, smart contracts, NFTs, DAOs, DApps and all things Web3, we are equipped to push the world of crypto forward with you. As active crypto community members, we understand your product and will ensure that it is built with the best technology available, without any headaches. Let us add another building block toward achieving your goals.

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ULAM LABS is a blockchain software development company that builds resilient and trustworthy blockchain development services.

We build high-quality projects that safeguard our Clients' data, while offering a user-centered experience. We aim to build a robust and reliable blockchain community to create a safer and more transparent world.

ULAM LABS is a perfect choice if you are looking for the following blockchain solutions:

DEX development

We suggest the type of DEX based on the individual characteristics of each project. Expect either a completely custom approach or a mix of plain AMM, Curve like stable swaps, and Uniswap concentrated liquidity.

DAOs / Governance design and development

The Ethereum marketplace supports listing NFTs in collections

dApps development

We develop custom smart contracts and their frontend/ backend integration.

Custodial / Noncustodial wallet development

Want to keep your BIP 39 seed safe? We will design an application that will do it for you and can sign any transaction.

Regulatory approval assistance

We have helped many companies obtain their crypto license in countries like Gibraltar or Cyprus.

Lending & borrowing platform development

We create lending and borrowing platforms, assets and liabilities management, and cold storage integration.

Smart Contract Development

Whether you need to create smart contracts or audit an existing one before its launch, we will ensure your smart contracts have top-level security.

Cross-chain platforms development

We create lending and borrowing platforms, assets and liabilities management, and cold storage integration.

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Given that project sizes might vary greatly, providing an approximate estimate is challenging. While some projects take years, others can be finished in weeks. Before providing you with an estimate, we would need to assess the difficulty and extent of the work involved in your project.

As a blockchain development agency, we support your decision regarding the best blockchain platform. Each of them has unique benefits and restrictions. Depending on the specifics of your blockchain project, you can choose whichever is best for you. Algorand, Ethereum, and Solana are the blockchains we use most frequently to build blockchain networks for our clients. This package enables both the creation of enterprise blockchain and customized blockchain. Contact us if you would like to discuss working on other platforms.

Smart contracts are blockchain-based algorithms that execute when specific criteria are met. They are often used to automate the implementation of an agreement so that all parties can be certain of the conclusion right away, without the need for an intermediary or additional delay. They can also automate a workflow such that when circumstances are met, the following action is executed.

The development of a smart contract involves a few fundamental processes. Let's look at how to write a smart contract without getting into real coding. From coming up with your own smart contract concept to developing, building, and deploying the code in your preferred smart contract language, this process involves multiple steps. When the contract is executed, its effectiveness can be confirmed.

Just like each idea is different, so does each project. We treat each solution with an individual approach. That's why it is hard to give you price estimates. However, we can give you factors that we take into consideration, when counting an estimated price:

  1. The project's complexity - The more complex a smart contract is, the more resources it will require.
  2. Platform and programming language - Some platforms already have pre-built components, making the design of smart contracts easier. Other platforms require a different approach that often requires building products from scratch.
  3. Timeline - The timeline for developing a smart contract can affect the cost. Shorter timelines may require more resources to meet the deadline, affecting the project's price.
  4. Testing and auditing - Smart contracts with higher TVL (Total Value Locked) may be significantly risky and require extensive testing and auditing.