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March 29, 2023

Most of our employees are indeed working in an IT Department. But there is another department playing equally significant role for the whole company - Marketing. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to communicate with our clients, share knowledge, or you wouldn’t be reading this interview at all. Meet Mateusz, our Marketing Manager.

How long do you work at Ulam Labs and what do you do here?

I’m a marketing manager. I’m here for about a year, doing whatever is needed to help grow Ulam Labs and make it a powerful brand in the world of crypto and IT.

Do you remember your recruiting process or your recruitment task?

I remember that the task had something to do with data analytics and crafting messaging. My recruiting process was probably different from others, especially from developers’ recruitment, as I was the second person to join the marketing team – I found the job ad, applied, hopped on a call with Konrad, and a few days later, we’ve already had the agreement signed.

What was your development path?

I’ve always been creative and done multiple things at a time. I’ve graduated as an acoustic engineer, but while still in university, I’ve worked as a freelance graphic designer, had some UX internships, also launched a startup for the sports industry, and worked as a tech journalist. Not all at once, of course ;) After I had graduated, I followed my passion to become an automotive journalist, but I also worked as an engineer. I liked it, but it lacked dynamic – and this is something that marketing could offer.

Having worked a lot with large tech & automotive brands as a journalist, it was natural for me to join an agency to develop in the marketing field. From there, it was all about tech – I managed the marketing of companies in Adtech, tech recruitment, and an innovative blockchain startup.

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Is it different to do marketing for a blockchain development company than other IT companies?

A little, yes. The general trend is similar – marketing is all about combining the creative and analytical parts to grow the number of coming leads and build a brand. Most of the IT industry sympathizes with the inbound, non-intrusive marketing approach which is appealing for both the clients and people doing marketing – we’re not pushing our presentations down the clients’ throats ;)

When it comes to whom we’re marketing to, in blockchain and crypto there’s a huge variety of potential clients. The market is far less saturated than in the more conventional IT spaces, and if you look from a broader perspective – the whole crypto space has just reached about the size of Apple and Microsoft by the market cap. I believe that with blockchain’s potential for growth, the next 10-20 years might be quite exciting.

Is it possible to join a Marketing Team without blockchain knowledge?

Of course, but you’d need to prove that you’re great at research and pick up technical concepts rather quickly. As marketers, we have to speak our client’s language, and it’s quite specific in crypto.

What do you enjoy most about working at UL?

I like that we’re a challenger in an innovative and fast-growing space. We’re in for the long-term and are in a position to shake things up. Being part of that journey is exciting, and I know we won’t settle for mediocre results.

Those are the clouds. In the dirt, having a purpose for what I do and the ability to deliver results how I think would be the best – this is what makes me like each Monday when working at Ulam Labs.

What skills are the most important for roles in marketing at Ulam Labs?

Marketing is the combination of being creative and analytical, and I’d say you need both. We’re really focused on growth, so the more you bring in, the better – and we’re not closed on one type of background and personality. Everyone that can add value is welcome.

High-quality writing skills are always in demand, and in our industry, they should be combined with the ability to translate technical concepts into a more human language. On the other side of the spectrum, you’d have to be able to spot trends in data and turn them into action points. But that’s just as general as I can describe it – anything that digs deeper in those umbrellas is valuable.

What advice would you give others interested in working at Ulam Labs?

We operate in an exciting industry that while it already got closer to the mainstream, might literally change our lives over the next decade. Being part of it can be a thrilling and rewarding experience. Another great opportunity is that we’re working with multiple clients-innovators that use crypto in various ways, so we’re not bound to one technology and one product, we can influence so many areas.

Working with us is an opportunity that will test your skills and ideas but at the same time, it will give you the autonomy and responsibility to feel you have a real impact on shaping our company, brand, and marketing processes.

In such a setup, you’ll grow professionally at a great pace. If that’s what you want–jump and let’s get it going together!

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