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Supporting the innovators

Ulam Labs is a tech studio specializing in end-to-end software development with a strong focus on fintech and crypto spaces. Our expert team assists clients globally.

Our purpose is to support the revolution that happens now within finance, crypto, and web 3.0. We want to build products that shape the world around us with you – the innovators.

How do we stand out?

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Industry expertise

We speak your language! There are no secrets in crypto and financial markets for us.

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You’ll always know how your development progresses. Feel invited to our stand-ups!

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We act fast on the emerging opportunities. Want to jump on a new trend in crypto? Count us in!


Our inspiration

Ulam Labs is named after a great Polish scientist and mathematician, Stanisław Ulam, known for his pioneering work using computers. We want to upkeep his legacy by engraving him in our brand. Even our logo is based on one of his concepts – Ulam Spiral.

In the heart of global IT development

We are a Poland-based company, working with the brightest minds in IT–our country is well known for having a high level of education and being among top 5 countries with the most skilled programmers.

Stanislaw Ulam

Stanislaw Ulam, 1945, Los Alamos National Laboratory/PAP

Logo origins

Ulam Spiral
Ulam Spiral
U letter
"U" Letter
Ulam Labs Signet
Ulam Labs Signet


Ulam Labs is a team of growth-focused IT professionals.

We’re genuinely interested in our industries. We’re passionate about thriving in what we do. The best products come from the best people, and in Ulam Labs this is not only an empty claim.

Our team is incomplete without you, our customers

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