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We pursuit exceptional quality. We build future-proof software. We design slick user experiences. We are ULAM LABS.

A software studio with highly specialized team of experts. We partner with innovators from FinTech and Blockchain sectors to deliver products that shape their industries and beyond.


Legacy of a great

ULAM LABS is named after a great Polish scientist and mathematician, Stanisław Ulam. He was one of the pioneers of using computers for calculations. We honor his legacy by engraving his name and concepts in our brand – our logo is based on Ulam Spiral.

In the heart of global
IT development

We are a Poland-based company, working with the brightest minds in IT. Our country is well known for having a high level of education and being among top 5 countries with the most skilled programmers.

Our recipe

How do we stand out?

Our unique recipe for getting the most value to our partners.


We work on projects exclusively.


You’ll be impressed with our work.


We share it and pursue it.

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