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We want to help you move the needle for the crypto and blockchain space. Whether you’re building a trading platform, an exchange, a service for NFTs, or any other project that uses cryptocurrencies and smart contracts, we’ll move it forward.

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We share your vision. Let’s add another building block towards pushing the world of crypto forward – be it with apps that use crypto, trading services, DeFi applications, smart contracts, NFTs, Web3, or with anything, wherever the market turns.

We are crypto natives and active members of the community. This makes us understand your product well and ensure that once your product goes live, it’s built with the best technology, without headaches.

◦  In the market since 2018

◦  Extensive Crypto expertise

◦  Algorand development partner

◦  Excellent in smart contracts


Great UX, frictionless performance, top-level security, and business value in 1 product.
For us, each project is like this. 

Masters of Ethereum and Solana.


We are an official development partner of Algorand, working with the Algorand Foundation and clients that use this technology.

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Product Design
Let us know if you’d like us to design the product.
Based on the specification and project scope, we’ll calculate the timeline, costs, and let you know about the starting date.
Before we move forward, we’ll work on the precise deliverables and put them into the agreement.
We use scrum, so each week you’ll know about the progress. You can get involved in team stand-ups, too!
Our developments are always well-tested by the QA team, so you get a fully functional, reliable product.
Our auditing team will check the smart contracts. We can also work with a 3rd party auditor.

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As industry experts, we share our knowledge on the blog to help you navigate through custom software development in crypto and assist you with the research for your projects.