Building products

Our remote team of developers will help you build a custom software from scratch.

We help to build systems designed for your individual business requirements and needs. Delivering a new IT product or system that serves unique processes requires custom development.

You will get:

  • A system that answers your business needs and requirements exactly
  • An easily scalable and flexible solution
  • Full ownership of the system

We have delivered and supported business systems for a broad scope of industries, from telecommunications and manufacturing to blockchain based cryptocurrency solutions. Based on our experience, we develop meaningful products that truly meet customers requirements.

Areas of work
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Legacy Software Modernization

Your software was great a long time ago. You need to get its greatness, speed and modern look back again. We will help you catch up and regain competitiveness thanks to your modern technology.

We will help you:

  • Redesign
  • Rewrite
  • Migrate and maintain
Your app can be

Fast and efficient when you need to do a release, add new features and fix bugs.

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Cost effective

Maintenance of reliable and modern apps is much cheaper than outdated and buggy apps.

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Customers need systems that run smoothly without interruptions.

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Users of your system will not be patient. Give them a product that will satisfy their needs.

Standalone DevOps

When your application serves millions of users it needs professional attention that will lead to secure and smooth processes. We build and create the appropriate infrastructure allowing for quick, easy and fast updates.

We provide comprehensive DevOps services like containerization, microservices, managed Kubernetes, log management, deployment automation, continuous integration and continuous delivery.

In practise, you will get:

  • Quicker delivery of app updates and releases
  • High quality and peak performance of your solution
  • Fast response to customer needs

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Maintenance and support

Having a system developed and deployed is not the end of the journey. Ulam Labs makes sure your product is always up to date, stable and running.

Your product changes as your company does. Our job is to make your market intelligence, observation and lessons happen.

You will get:

  • System and infrastructure monitoring
  • Bugs and error fixes
  • Incremental feature development

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