Software Services

What we do
Ulam Labs provides full scope development support throughout the whole product lifecycle for both web applications and mobile apps.

Working with us you can be sure that you can get help at each step and scale engaged resources up or down. We simply solve your issues before they even become problems.

Building products

Building products

If you have a concept or idea of a product and need a partner to build it, then we will help you develop a system from scratch.

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Code audit

Code audit

If you have numerous reasons to let an independent party do a code audit, then we will help you verify and asses the code.

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Team extension

Team extension

If your team has reached its capacity and you have a new project on track, then we will support your team with the skills you need to deliver the project.

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How we work
What happens during each step of the communication with you.
We get to know each other
We’ll introduce ourselves and check if what you need matches what we can deliver.
Discovery workshop
Let’s go into details of the project to build mutual understanding, set a scope, requirements and expected outcome.
Project kick-off
The planning stage when customers and developers are equipped with everything that is needed.
Development phase
We use Agile and Scrum so you can see our progress on a regular basis.
Support and maintenance
After the product is ready and launched it needs to be monitored and supported when needed. We will make sure your system runs perfectly.
That help us build reliable and efficient software.
If you are looking for top-notch IT professionals don’t hesitate to reach out. Whichever industry you represent we got you covered!
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