Application for personalized fragrance ordering


While the world's top brands deliver new fragrances each year, they don't offer any ways for personalization. This is where Scent Trunk, an American startup, shines. It's a platform that allows customers to create their own perfume.





Backend development

Frontend development



Python, Django, AWS, Docker


Scent Trunk allows its clients to order personalized fragrances according to their own taste, using own formulas created with ordered samples. The whole process is managed with an app.


Scent Trunk’s application worked on an outdated technology stack that lacked proper tests, clear separation of front-end and back-end code, and CI/CD automations. To make the platform work better, they had to build a new one from scratch and maintain it.

The main goal was to build this new product application which could be both customer friendly and maintain high performance.


Upgraded application

The application was upgraded with both new design and background services.

New features and security improvement

The continuous integration and continuous delivery services were added giving Scent Trunk an opportunity to upgrade and add new features easily and came with built-in security without extra cost.

Organized system structure

The entire system structure was refreshed so that Scent Trunk could start adding and testing new platform features effectively.

Improved ordering and delivering processes

As a result, the company improved the relationship with their customers by making the ordering and delivering processes more intuitive. That allowed Scent Trunk to focus on growing its business rather than fixing the technical issues of the application.

Key features

Upgraded back-end services

We have improved system performance and fixed the most critical parts of the application. The system architecture has been organized more professionally.

Upgraded front-end of the application

We have upgraded and redesigned the user interface making the dashboard more user-friendly. The customers got order tracking, subscriptions, and bills organized in one clear space.

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