Open NFT Marketplace

A white label NFT Marketplace on Algorand


OpenNFT allows you to introduce NFTs with a secure marketplace swiftly, while equipping them with all the features you need. The solution is fast to deploy and endlessly customizable.



Q1–Q2 2021


Product Design

Backend development

Frontend development

Blockchain development


Research & Development


Python, AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, Async-python, Docker, React, Node.js, Truffle Suite, Ganache, Algorand


Non-Fungible Tokens have proven to be another step forward in the blockchain’s broader adoption. A step that has enabled this tech to skyrocket in valuations and brought big names to the space – contemporary artists like Beeple, franchises like NBA, and more. This exposes the potential that NFTs can have and keeps us excited of what the future can bring.

The NFT is quite vibrant today and it's getting a lot of eyeballs, together with more capital brought in. These are circumstances worth using to your advantage, provided that you can act fast.

A white label NFT marketplace is just that. It allows you to introduce NFTs with a secure marketplace swiftly while equipping them with all the features you need.


Since the first product idea, we wanted to build a white label solution for NFTs that would be ultimately secure while also fast to deploy and endlessly customizable.

The NFT Marketplace had to realize all the basic functionalities for peer to peer trading and item discoverability.

A white label marketplace had to be generic enough for using it “out-of-the-box” after minor customization. At the same time, it had to be a solid basis for advanced customization of the UI and adding new features.

We saw a potential in building a solution that would be properly secure and extensively tested, so it doesn’t comprise the benefits of Non-Fungible Tokens.



Dealing with Non-Fungible Tokens requires great levels of security, so a valuable item can stay under total control of the owner unless he decides to sell it. Every aspect of owning and managing the NFT is ultimately secure.

Python Backend

We chose do build the backend in Python as it’s a simple-yet-powerful language for projects that require this level of security and scalability.


With Docker and Helm, deployable on Kubernetes cluster gives you freedom to choose your favourite cloud provider.


Written in Vue, styled with Tailwind CSS, deployable on the CDN, the best possible combination.


Part of the solution is a universal UI design that makes the platform easy to use, as well as to fit many styles of those who choose to customize it.

Internal tests

Both backend and smart contracts are covered with unit tests to assure robustness and security.

Key features

Ready to use

On our NFT Marketplace all the basic features are there – you can securely mint, list, buy, and sell any type of NFT that you want.

Marketplace listings

The platform allows you to browse available items, see what’s hot, and what has been added recently.

Secondary marketplace

An owner of the NFT can put it on auction with a desired asking price. Other users can place offers freely–bidding up, or down.

Platform commissions

You can set up a platform commission fee according to your business idea to profit from each transaction on the marketplace.

Wallet integration

You can connect your MyAlgo Wallet or AlgoSigner and store the NFT securely while having total control over it.

Built on Algorand

Algorand proves to be a great platform for NFTs. It’s highly scalable, the transactions take only seconds, the transaction fees are as low as $0.001, it never forks–so your NFTs won’t ever be duplicated–and ASCs allow you to implement any kind of mechanics for your NFTs.

Open Source

NFT Marketplace is published with open source license, allowing you to customize it as you want. It’s ready to use, so you can release your own marketplace in a blink of an eye!

Easy customization

Need to brand the marketplace a bit? Changing colors, adding your branding, and customizing UI components is super easy as it’s built on top of Tailwind CSS and Tailwind UI. If you need anything special, like custom features, price charts, etc. – feel free to code them on your own or contact us, so we can do that for you.

Stablecoin Support

NFT Marketplace uses USDT and USDC based on Algorand which immediately adds liquidity to the platform and ensures easy access to the platform.

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