Earning interest on cryptocurrency savings


Mooney allows individual users to generate yields out of their crypto savings. The app allows for building a portfolio of crypto assets and gain 10% annual interest on crypto currency investments. This cryptocurrency savings account app is simple and intuitive to suit beginners.


Fintech & crypto

Project duration

Q1-Q2 2021

Project scope

Backend development

Frontend development



Python, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform


The app allows you to build a portfolio of crypto assets and earn a yield on a monthly basis. The application is simple, intuitive, and transparent, so it can be used by beginners.


Every crypto FinTech app is vulnerable to attacks of different kinds, including: fraud, password stealing and infrastructure attacks. Therefore, providing a proper level of security becomes the most crucial aspect in each FinTech app development.

Here, the app developers guaranteed the highest level of security in every aspect.

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Secure AWS infrastructure (VPC).
  • Proper developers have proper roles limiting their actions within the infrastructure.
  • Email notifications on account activity.
  • MPC-CMP private key protection layer (Fireblocks integration).
  • Integrations with trusted and certified external partners (SOC 2 Type II certificate for Fireblocks) and regularly tested providers.


We have built the mobile application with all core functionalities: registration/log in, ID verification, cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal or 2FA. Additionally, the app is user-friendly and have intuitive interface built with Flutter.

After the user registers and verifies his identity with KYC policies, we create a deposit wallet using the Fireblocks custodian platform. The user is then provided with an address to that they can deposit money to. Each incoming deposit is saved in the system and reflected in the user’s balance; after that, the funds are eligible for investing.

The user earns interest from the deposited money, which is paid out on a monthly basis. The user can withdraw any amount of their funds at any time (there is a $5 withdrawal fee), including the earned interest. The interest is calculated from a minimum daily balance, so if the user withdraws their money in the middle of the month, the first two weeks will still yield a profit.

Key features

Two-factor authentication

To avoid unauthorised access, users are asked to scan the QR code in order to generate a token. They also need to confirm their actions with 6 digital codes sent to the mailbox. By default, the app doesn't require 2FA, which makes an app user friendly for beginners, but it is a recommended option to increase the security of digital assets.

KYC verification

The KYC process is becoming vital for any FinTech businesses dealing with cryptocurrencies. In the case of this crypto savings app, users also need to pass a KYC procedure to deposit money in data storage. KYC verification procedures in Mooney app are met due to integration with Persona.

Digital wallet

Users can add and store funds to the app digital wallet and use it for investment purposes. Users can see the real-time digital wallet balance within the app. To withdraw from the wallet, users provide the Ethereum address to which the accumulated money is transferred.

Yield generation

Without this basic but crucial feature the whole app couldn't exist. This feature allows the users to make a profit investing in UDSC stored in a digital wallet.

Monthly statements

The app generates automatic reports of all transactions and accumulated profits. Reports are generated each month and are available as ‘monthly statements’ on the user panel within the app.

Fireblocks integrations

Thanks to Fireblocks integration and MPC-CMP algorithm used in digital wallets, the transaction signing speed is 8x faster. Fireblocks eliminates every point of failure to prevent digital assets from cyber-attacks, internal collusion, and human error.

Integration with leading digital asset lender

The app lends assets to institutional borrowers through leading US based digital lender to generate monthly yields.

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