Mobile Vikings

Virtual Mobile Network Operator


Mobile Vikings, a mobile virtual network operator, noticed a market opportunity and entered the Polish telecom market. Together with Ulam Labs, they have developed a competitive automatic prepaid platform for mobile services.


Custom software development

Project duration

2016 – ongoing

Project scope

Backend development

Frontend development

Blockchain development


Research & Development


Python, Django, AngularJS, AWS, Docker, Convox


Mobile Vikings is a Belgian mobile virtual network operator that wanted to enter the Polish telecom market in 2013. As such, it had to adapt to the specifics of Polish mobile network standards, to enable Mobile Number Portability and local payment systems. It managed to attract as much as over 50,000 subscribers.


Mobile Vikings wanted to receive a software module that allows the company to transfer phone numbers both automatically and effectively from other mobile operators. To make the system work seamlessly, it also required its own, secure transaction service with auto top-up functionality. And all that would have to be packed in a easy to use and fast mobile app.

As a virtual operator, Mobile Vikings were looking for:

◦ Upgrading their system to Polish telecom network standard,

◦ Developing their native mobile app,

◦ DevOps support.


Thanks to the efficient development approaches, Mobile Vikings was able to deliver real value to its customers.

In order to upgrade their system, we created a structure that would scale to the operator’s plans of onboarding dozens of thousands of users. A new algorithm has been created that enables automated phone number transfers and while working on the app, all the legacy code has been rewritten. Accompanying this process, we conducted extensive testing of the application to make sure that Mobile Vikings system remains stable under heavy load.

As a result, Mobile Vikings managed to gather over 50,000 subscribers as well as the app had won awards in its class.

Key features

Reliable Mobile Number Portability

The system automatically moves phone numbers from other operators.


Effective support of the auto top-up process.

Well-received native mobile app

The application has been nominated to Mobile Trends award for the best services app.

High security transaction system

A secure system with auto top-ups makes the experience seamless.

Work acceleration platform

Enhances log aggregation, continuous delivery and implementation.

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