Lendingblock Retail

Crypto Lending & Borrowing for Individuals


Working on Lendingblock for retail investors, we took care of the end-to-end design and development of the crypto lending and borrowing platform for individuals. To offer the best experience, we rebuilt the whole product from scratch.



May 2021 – ongoing


Backend development

Frontend development

Blockchain development


Research & Development


Python, Django, Celery, PostgreSQL, AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker, React, Node.js


Lendingblock combines borrowing and lending, as well as trading and custody under one roof. It enables institutions to operate with stablecoins, with cryptocurrencies as collateral. Thanks to this collaboration, it opened to individuals as well. Crypto lending & borrowing is among the top DeFi categories, offering products and services that are unavailable in traditional banks.


Simple Interface Design

Lendingblock has been initially built for professionals who require an advanced set of tools. Releasing it to individuals required a simpler, more intuitive way of interacting with the platform. We could revamp the whole experience only by designing it from scratch.

Building a custom exchange

Lendingblock for individuals had to come with an exchange to trade USDT and LND, the platform's native ERC-20 token. We had to ensure that the whole trading experience is flawless–it works in real-time, has all the necessary features such as market and limit orders, and a matching engine to run the trades.


Any financial service should be ultimately secure, and it is even more critical for individuals as they have less security training. We enabled them to log in using Google Authenticator tokens, 2-factor authentication, as well as added a feature to send assets only to white-listed accounts.


Lendingblock is an established platform that serves institutions stablecoin lending and borrowing using Bitcoin and Ethereum as collateral.

Lendingblock for individuals offers similar core functionality, but the platform has been built from scratch to suit a wide range of users and their needs. The platform is fast, secure, and works in real-time, but most importantly, it has been designed by our team end-to-end to offer the best possible experience for all users.

Additionally, Lendingblock has been enriched with a 100% custom-built exchange for the LND/USDT trading pair. This way, all users can easily add LND to their portfolio and benefit from the preferred rates at certain LND balance levels.

Key features


Our team designed a completely new UX and UI to enable both individuals and institutions make informed decisions based on the desired level of detail.

Stablecoin borrowing

Users can borrow USDT stablecoin instantly using crypto investment as collateral (BTC and ETH), without sacrificing the growth in their digital asset portfolio.

Interest earning

Users can earn interest safely and securely on their BTC, ETH, and stablecoin deposits.

Tiered interest rates

Users can achieve a Bronze, Silver, or Gold tier status and receive benefits through LND stablecoin staking in their wallets. The higher their status tier is, the higher the interest rate they’ll get.

Basic and advanced KYC

The platform is protected against fraud through KYC for higher amounts withdrawals. All platform users have to go through the KYC process.


We've used reputable 3rd party integrations for certain features. The KYC is done through Persona, token prices are available through Chainlink, and the platform is synchronised with CoinMarketCap.

LND/USDT Exchange

Users are able to trade LND/USDT pairs through an exchange built purposefully for Lendingblock.

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