Algorand x Ledger Integration


Ledger is one of the most recognized brands in crypto. Algorand is one of the most exciting blockchain platforms, especially if you look at the technology. We’ve contributed to bringing complex Algorand transactions to Ledger devices.



July - August 2022


Blockchain Development


C, Ledger


Algorand is recognized as one of the top 30 crypto ecosystems. With over 27 million accounts opened on the mainnet and great technology to encourage users to use ALGO as the ecosystem’s currency, there is a strong demand for hardware wallet support. And if you think of a hardware wallet, there’s one name that certainly comes to your mind–Ledger. 


While so many users rely on Ledger’s security, hardware wallets are mostly used as cold storage. Following the best practices, such solutions are recommended to store larger amounts of digital assets and hot wallets should be used for normal, day-to-day operations on smaller amounts.

This means we were handed a task that required extra security focus while following all the Ledger’s requirements. The challenge was in enabling the hardware wallet to work with new feature releases on Algorand.

Ledger devices had a limit to what transaction types can be signed with them. The problem that we had to solve to enable new Algorand features on Ledger was in transactions that interacted with more than one application or asset. With such limitations, complex transactions couldn’t be signed.

This problem limited the growth of DeFi space in Algorand’s ecosystem and kept Ledger users from using such products as Pact AMM or Folks Finance. Solving that became an important issue for the ecosystem.


As a hardware wallet, Ledger greatly enhances the security of using cryptocurrencies. Even if a computer is infected, such a device can still sign transactions without putting your private keys at risk. It is one of the most secure ways of operating in the crypto world.

Such features make Ledger an important part of Algorand’s ecosystem. We are proud to contribute to its further development and remove the obstacles that were standing in the way of future DeFi growth in the ecosystem that we support and are an active part of.

We have optimized the code and removed the limits for the maximum transaction size that could be signed. Thanks to that, Ledger and Algorand users can now sign complex transactions that interact with multiple applications and assets.

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