Holm Security

Automated vulnerability management platform


Holm Security is a complete platform for scanning network infrastructure, web applications, and APIs. It provides tools to check the vulnerability of users to phishing attacks, delivering powerful insights and allowing you to take full control of network security and external service security.



2020 – ongoing


Backend development

Frontend development

Blockchain development



Python, Go, PHP, SQL, Redis, AngularJS, VueJS, Docker


In a world where cyber security is becoming one of the most important aspects of business, Holm Security is a global challenger in automated and continuous vulnerability management. The services offered by Holm allow businesses to effectively take control of the security of their networks, systems, and web applications.


Working with Holm Security as a tech partner, we encounter various challenges of working with a cybersecurity-related software. Each deployment has to be verified for security, as well as it has to realize the vital functionality of platform – helping discovering vulnerabilities in systems.


Holm Security works with Ulam Labs as a long-term partner. Our dedicated team is a mix of QA and Engineers that are specialized in languages ranging from Python to Golang. We work with Holm Security on a daily basis, being deeply interconnected with the core team.

Key features

Local system & Cloud Security

Automated and continuous vulnerability management for public and local systems, as well as cloud services. Cloud Scanners and virtual appliances for local scanning.

Web Apps Security

Automated and continuous vulnerability management of web applications such as websites and REST API scanning. Tests OWASP top 10 version 2017.

Email Security

Increased resilience against email attacks through simulation of email attacks, like phishing, spear phishing, and ransomware attacks. Built-in and automated awareness training.

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