Crypto payments & invoicing for freelancers and small businesses

About meets the growing market demand for using cryptocurrencies by small businesses and freelancers. The solution facilitates cryptocurrency payments for freelance gigs, allowing them to reach more customers, both locally and globally.



8 weeks


Backend development

Frontend development



Google Cloud, Docker, Python, Django, Kubernetes

Technology is the answer to booming crypto market demands. It’s the all-in-one solution for getting paid with cryptocurrencies, accounting, keeping track of assets value held in multiple wallets, and integrating crypto seamlessly within your business.



Numerous cryptocurrencies, multiple wallets, and various tokens put a heavy load on the system.

Thanks to our framework for solving performance-related problems, we identified bottlenecks and reduced the number of system requests, to increase the number of concurrent processes.

Now, the application works quickly and flawlessly, no matter how much data it has to process.

Real-time portfolio overview

The user has to get a real-time overview of their assets. Every transaction is valued in your local currency at the exact market price at the time of occurring. For us, it means that we have to follow live all networks like Polygon, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain. We used Bitquery Blockchain API to support the software and make it simple to work with multiple networks.

Solution natively integrates token-based payments and is an all-in-one solution combining essential accounting features and invoicing. Software is developed in a way to provide reliable accounting services without storing any personal data.

Key features

Real-time portfolio overview lets the user track the portfolio value in real-time and get an overview of all assets.

All wallets in one place

The essential feature for this solution is to connect, group, and organize addresses from multiple ledgers.

Add & organize contacts

The user can add contacts to quickly identify transaction partners with certain wallet addresses and preselect them when using invoice generation.


The system allows creating and exporting reports to meet accounting requirements in just one click.

Invoicing lets users create crypto-to-crypto invoices and send them to their clients.

Metamask integration

To pay the invoice, the system allows users to access their wallets on Metamask, ensuring the very best price with the lowest network fees.

Dark mode

A simple feature that lets users change the background color of an app window to black to save energy and reduce blue light emitted from the phone to prevent eye strain.

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