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May 28, 2024

Have you ever wondered who's that friendly voice on the other end when you're exploring exciting opportunities with us? Who writes these emails that make you feel more taken care of than when crossing the street at a pedestrian crosswalk with a kindergarten field trip?Allow me to introduce Natalia, our remarkable Recruitment Specialist! 

She's not only a talent-hunting pro but also your first contact when you're eager to join the ULAM LABS team. Today, let's peel back the curtain and discover more about her. Let's dive in straight to the Q&A! 

Which of our company values holds the highest priority for you?

From my perspective, what I cherish most is our culture of constant feedback. I truly grasp the importance of this aspect in daily organizational life and the consequences of limited communication. 

The fact that I have weekly 1:1 meetings and bi-annual sessions with my leader to review our cooperation period, set future goals, and gauge my contributions and growth tremendously aids my task execution. 

I'm delighted that at ULAM LABS, we have the 360-degree feedback method, which allows me to provide input to my leader and colleagues. I also highly value the All Hands Meetings held several times a year, to sum up company happenings and outline plans for the next quarter or half-year. It's clear that the company not only gives constructive feedback but also seeks it. 

An excellent example is the anonymous employee satisfaction survey, where we answer the question:

If you were the CEO of ULAM LABS for one day, what would you do?

I could continue listing numerous initiatives that underscore the company's growing commitment to a feedback-centric culture, which, for me, is the most vital workplace value.

We can proudly admit,  that you’re “the face” of ULAM LABS.  How do you feel about it?

I admit, my role involves being the "face" of ULAM LABS, and I am very happy to represent the company with my person. 

I'm aware that it involves a huge responsibility, because it's not just about the candidate experience that I emphasize, it involves all aspects, because in my activities I pursue employer branding goals, influence employee experience, participate in job fairs, co-organize internal and external events - so I meet a lot of people on my way, to whom I pass on details related to ULAM LABS.

Everything I do has a direct impact on the impression ULAM LABS makes on the job market. I also think it comes easily to me and I get a lot of pleasure and satisfaction out of it, do you know why? I identify with our values, culture, and people, which means everything is well-aligned and makes sense.

Natalia Pesta
Recruitment Specialist

How do you make candidates feel at ease during interviews?

The recruitment process can be a stressful experience for many individuals, which is perfectly natural. I understand this and consider it my mission to ensure that every candidate participating in the recruitment process feels as comfortable as possible. There are a few tricks (or strategies I would say!) to make this happen. Let me outline the most significant ones.

First, I provide essential information about topics relevant to candidates, such as the stages and details of the recruitment process and the person responsible, right from the job announcement stage.

Second, I offer candidates the option to access my calendar, allowing them to choose a convenient date for a phone interview, because I understand that speaking in a crowded or noisy environment can be quite stressful.

Third, I maintain clear communication at every stage of the process and provide constructive feedback on the status of each candidate's application. I am easily accessible to all candidates via phone, email, or LinkedIn (LI).

Additionally, my interactions with candidates are conducted as interviews and dialogues, creating a platform for questions and answers. I start each recruitment meeting by introducing the candidate to ULAM LABS, giving them insight into our company's welcoming culture and friendly organizational climate, ensuring they feel at ease right from the beginning. 

And let's not forget, that I always maintain a friendly attitude, attentively listen to candidates, and encourage a relaxed dress code for our meetings. These aspects undoubtedly boost candidates' confidence."

What qualities do you look for in potential candidates for ULAM LABS?

I seek a variety of qualities in potential candidates that align with our company culture and the requirements of the positions we offer. One of my critical tasks is to assess if there is a cultural fit: candidates who align with our company's values, mission, and culture are highly valued. We are searching for individuals who can make a positive contribution to our work environment. 

A commitment to continuous learning and professional development is vital; we seek candidates who are eager to expand their knowledge and skills. The technology industry is ever-evolving, so we are in search of candidates who are open to learning new technologies and can adapt to change with a growth mindset. 

Furthermore, collaboration is essential in our work environment, so we are looking for candidates who can communicate effectively and have a positive impact on group dynamics, in addition to strong verbal and written communication skills as clear communication is essential for interaction with co-workers, customers, and stakeholders.

How do you ensure that a candidate is not only qualified but also a good fit for our company culture?

This is no simple task! It involves a series of interrelated activities. It starts with us clearly defining our company culture and values. We communicate this information to candidates through our website, job postings, and initial interactions. This provides candidates with insight into what we hold dear as an organization and enables them to get to know us better, ultimately allowing them to determine whether they align with our team.

During the recruitment meeting, we pose behavioral questions to evaluate how candidates have demonstrated our company values in their previous work experiences. For instance, if one of our values is "collaboration," we may request candidates to provide examples of successful collaboration in their past roles. 

Additionally, in my opinion, it's crucial that candidates often meet with multiple team members and the team leader during the interview process. This allows us to assess how they interact with different personalities and whether they feel at ease in our team environment. The process that we place significant emphasis on is primarily a comprehensive onboarding process, which includes further immersion in our culture, values, and relationships.

What is most important to you when working in a team?

Cooperation, communication, feedback, and mutual support are my top priorities. Here's why I find these qualities to be interconnected:

  • Cooperation → Effective Communication: Collaborating naturally fosters effective communication. When we work together and share ideas, information, and perspectives, communication flows seamlessly.

  • Effective Communication → Feedback: Strong communication lays the foundation for giving and receiving feedback. Clarity in expressing thoughts and expectations is vital for constructive feedback.

  • Feedback → Support: Feedback, especially when constructive, aids in skill development. Offering feedback is a significant way a team can provide support to one another.

  • Showing Support to Each Other → Cooperation: Demonstrating support among team members cultivates trust and solidarity. This, in turn, enhances cooperation within a friendly and supportive environment.

What do you enjoy most about working at ULAM LABS?

My work revolves around people, with people, and for people, and that's what I cherish the most! At ULAM LABS, people are enthusiastic about sharing knowledge, collaborating, and socializing. Most importantly, they are passionate and motivated to grow, which is truly inspiring to me.

What are some goals or initiatives you're looking forward to in the upcoming year with ULAM LABS?

There are quite a few, to be honest! I'm eager to commence work on the Culture Book, which is the result of our dedicated efforts to enhance the company's culture this year. 

Additionally, as a professional recruiter, my goal is to bring on board many talented and remarkable individuals to foster our collective growth. I also aim to increase my involvement in Employer Branding initiatives, concentrating on refining our communication strategies to position our company as a highly desirable workplace. This involves showcasing our values, organizational culture, team integration, and success. There's plenty to showcase!

We're committed to enhancing our recruitment processes to provide candidates with the most positive experience possible, encompassing prompt and effective communication, clear information about the recruitment process, and ensuring a positive candidate experience from their initial contact with the company to their employment. It's a significant workload, but with a fantastic team, everything becomes achievable!

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to become a Recruitment Specialist?

Just remember, to excel in this role, you need to be a great communicator and listener, stay organized, and continuously develop yourself. This can be achieved by watching webinars, listening to podcasts, and attending industry meetups to network with others. 

Keep in mind that mistakes happen – address them and draw valuable lessons from them. Once you do that, simply enjoy helping your company and employees find the perfect fit!

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