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March 29, 2024

Welcome aboard! Whether you're setting up your home workspace, complete with all the comforts you love, or you're tweaking a new desk in an unfamiliar office, you're starting something new and exciting.

Remember the days when onboarding meant just learning where the coffee machine was, shaking hands, and maybe forgetting names right after saying hello? Those days are still here, but now there's also a good chance you're meeting your team for the first time through a screen, figuring out virtual meeting vibes, and finding your role in a group you've only met online.

Right from the start, I want to make it clear: the heart of onboarding, whether it's virtual or face-to-face, hasn't changed a bit. It's about getting to know each other, working together better, and making our place a great space to work. How do we welcome remote team members at ULAM LABS? Keep reading to find out!

Spoiler alert: We've maintained a flexible approach to onboarding, ensuring newcomers feel equally welcomed, whether they're stepping into our office or joining us through their webcams online!


Even before our new team members officially start, we begin the process of getting to know each other. We send out welcome emails full of excitement and packages that arrive at their doorsteps. These aren't just filled with the tech gear needed for the job but also something special that represents our company culture. Ania, our Head of People, sums it up perfectly: 

We want every new hire to feel like part of the team from the moment they decide to join us. It’s more about making connections than just providing equipment.

Your First Days

From day one, we ensure your introduction to our team is not only informative but also warm and inviting. You’ll quickly become familiar with our culture and the projects we’re passionate about. It all starts with an engaging session led by our People Team, giving you a friendly and thorough introduction to our company's mission, values, and the overarching goals we pursue. This session is all about giving you a clear picture of where you fit within our larger goals. Ania Matuszak:

Following this, you'll dive into a meeting with your direct team and a leader, where you'll get the scoop on the projects you'll be working on. These discussions are kept open and friendly, ensuring you feel comfortable and encouraged to ask questions or share your thoughts right from the get-go.

Ania Matuszak
Head of People

One of the highlights of starting here is getting a Buddy. Think of it as having a personal guide from the very beginning—someone who’s there for you for any question you might have, whether it’s about our culture or the details of your projects. Your Buddy is there to make sure no question is too small and to help you settle into your new role smoothly.

Tools and resources

Making sure everyone has the right digital tools is essential for closing the distance when we’re not in the same space. Whether it’s communication platforms to keep our conversations flowing or productivity tools to keep us on track, we’ve got it all sorted. Every new team member receives a MacBook Pro/Air along with any additional gear they might need—like an extra monitor, headphones, a phone, or a mouse. So, gear up and be ready to jump into your tasks with the best equipment at your disposal!

Beyond the screen

For times when you miss the energy of the office or those impromptu coffee break chats, we’ve thought of that too. Our remote team members have a monthly budget to visit the office whenever they wish. Whether it's for a team brainstorm, a big company event, or just because you miss chatting in person, this flexibility helps keep our remote team members tied closely to the company’s core, smoothly blending digital and in-person experiences.

Support and feedback

The onboarding process doesn’t stop after the first week; it’s a continuous journey of support, growth, and feedback. With regular check-ins, we make sure our remote employees are not just coping but thriving, and we adjust our onboarding approach based on their feedback.

Within the first week, we set up a feedback session to hear about your initial impressions and address any questions or concerns. This early conversation is key for us to ensure you’re settling in well.

But our support doesn’t stop there. After the first month, we have another feedback meeting. This is your chance to share how things are going, any challenges you’ve faced, and what successes you’ve had. It helps us customize our support as your journey progresses. The final meeting happens after 3 or 6 months and is tailored to the length of your onboarding experience.

After you’ve fully settled in, we conduct a comprehensive review to look back on your progress, get your thoughts on the onboarding experience, and discuss your future paths at the company.

Fully remote team - Sales

Our sales team is fully remote, with members joining from various cities, showcasing our blend of remote work and personal interaction. Their onboarding journey spanned three months, beginning with a unique twist: we brought everyone together in the office in the first week. It wasn’t merely about completing paperwork; it was about forging genuine connections, immersing them in our culture, and ensuring they were set for success before transitioning to their remote settings. This combination of initial in-person engagement and subsequent remote onboarding laid a strong foundation for teamwork, demonstrating that distance doesn’t diminish our cohesion or our ability to overcome challenges together.

Our setup at ULAM LABS is distinctive since we all work remotely, hailing from various countries. Our onboarding included an in-office week, allowing us to collaborate closely, plan for the upcoming months, and integrate with the wider ULAM LABS team on both professional and personal levels. It was an excellent kickoff that paved the way for our success.

Filip Paplaczyk - Senior Business Development Specialist

Success in the Blockchain

Thriving in the dynamic blockchain industry underscores our dedication to continual learning and sharing knowledge. We’ve initiated programs that nurture curiosity and learning not just for newcomers but for all team members.

"Crypto Tuesdays" is now a key feature of our schedule, with virtual sessions where experts and enthusiasts explore the latest in cryptocurrency and blockchain trends, technologies, and insights. These online gatherings guarantee that our team, regardless of location, stays at the cutting edge.

We also host local meet-ups for those yearning for the unique benefits of in-person interactions and networking. Remote team members are encouraged to join these events at the office, fostering live demos, thorough discussions, and networking within our blockchain community.

Always Forward

From your first day, whether you’re joining us virtually or occasionally visiting the office, our onboarding is crafted to ensure you feel welcomed, prepared, and part of our vibrant culture. Through a blend of casual conversations, structured sessions, and the support of a Buddy, we integrate every new member into our community, bridging any physical distance.

Our culture thrives on creativity, open communication, and dedication, bolstered by virtual team activities and ongoing feedback. This supportive atmosphere, along with opportunities for remote team members to come to the office, highlights our commitment to maintaining connectivity and inclusion, no matter the workspace.

Our approach to onboarding aims for the right mix of innovation and personal connection, ensuring everyone feels a vital part of our journey and culture. This reflects our pledge to inclusivity and unity in today’s work landscape.

Written by
Anna Buczak
Employer Branding Specialist

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