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October 3, 2023

When it comes to tech companies like us, sharing what you know among colleagues is like giving your projects a turbo boost. In the fast and ever-changing tech world, having the latest info and skills is gold. Staying ahead of the curve is crucial, particularly in rapidly evolving sectors like fintech and blockchain.

Sharing knowledge isn't just about being nice; it's about making the whole team smarter, quicker, and more creative. Whether it's swapping ideas by the coffee machine (we do that also!), teaming up for workshops, or having a virtual space for brain dumps, this blog post is all about the awesome ways to share smarts. And if you're curious about how we do it at ULAM LABS, just read on!

All the goods coming from knowledge sharing

At its core, knowledge sharing involves the voluntary exchange of insights, expertise, experiences, and ideas among individuals within an organization. It goes beyond the simple transfer of information and encompasses a culture of collaboration, where individuals contribute their unique perspectives to collectively elevate the entire team. 

In the context of a tech company like us, operating in the FinTech industry, knowledge sharing can be likened to building a digital brain trust where employees freely share their know-how. 

The impact of robust knowledge sharing on organizational growth is profound. It accelerates problem-solving, fosters innovation, and enhances decision-making by drawing upon the collective intelligence of the workforce. It propels teams to adapt swiftly to industry shifts, adapt best practices, and implement effective strategies, ultimately leading to increased efficiency, higher product quality, and the ability to capitalize on emerging opportunities. As highlighted earlier, in the fast-moving FinTech world, where change is the name of the game, this sharing culture is pure gold.

Our commitment to knowledge sharing is more than a strategy—it's kind of our way of life. By encouraging everyone to share what they know, you're creating a positive workplace built on trust and confidence. Plus, I'm excited to see more of our teams coming up to me with fresh ideas and topics to share, adding an extra layer of excitement to our culture of learning and innovation.

Anna Buczak
EB Specialist

How do we build a culture of knowledge-sharing?

Building and nurturing a knowledge sharing culture doesn't happen overnight—it's a journey that requires commitment, dedication, and strategic planning. It also has several aspects and proper people involved. Here's how we're making it happen.

We start early

Kicking off a lively knowledge-sharing vibe starts with getting the word out about our company's way of doing things. This means letting everyone know that we're all about folks sharing what they know, and we're excited about it!

As early as during the first phases of the recruitment process, we make it clear that we're all in for ideas that help us all learn and grow as a team. We talk about all our initiatives both internal and external.

Regular internal knowledge sessions 

Internally, we've established a forum called "ULAM TALKS," where team members present on various topics, fostering cross-pollination of ideas. We meet every couple of months and everybody is welcome to have a talk on preferred topics, that way we have learnt about Scrum methodology, Agile, or how to speed up Django test.

Additionally, our "Crypto Tuesdays" sessions provide a welcoming platform for discussions about the ever-evolving world of crypto and blockchain. While tailored for beginners, these meetings also offer insights for more experienced enthusiasts. Furthermore, it enables us to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and trends.

ULAM LABS - Knowledge Sharing Part 1

Engaging the broader community

We're not content with just nurturing knowledge sharing within our walls. We frequently extend our expertise to the wider community. Regularly, we host meet-ups that bring together blockchain, Python, and JavaScript enthusiasts. These events serve as a two-way street, where we both share our insights and learn from the collective wisdom of the community.

ULAM LABS - Knowledge Sharing Part 2
ULAM LABS - Knowledge Sharing Part 3

Diversity in sharing formats

 While we greatly value stepping out of our comfort zones, we also recognize that individuals have diverse learning preferences. That's why we encourage team members to share knowledge through various formats—written articles, tutorials, podcasts, webinars, and more. This inclusive approach caters to diverse learning preferences and communication styles. 

That way our employees had a chance to appear in podcasts like: Podróż po Web3 with Łukasz, our Blockchain Developer, or Inhire with Asia & Ania from People Team. We also regularly write publications for our blog and external services. 

ULAM LABS - Knowledge Sharing Part 4

Learning is cool

We're totally cool with folks asking for help when they're not sure about something. Asking questions here isn't a big deal. It's actually a pretty smart move. By doing this, we're all making sure we're on the same page and growing together. It's like teamwork in action.

As we thrive on collaboration, we've established dedicated Slack channels that serve as vibrant hubs for knowledge exchange. Here, you can ask questions, share news, and engage with your peers in discussions. Even when it comes to sharing the latest trending memes, rest assured, we've established a dedicated channel for this sacred realm of wisdom.

Giving freedom to learn their own way

We recognize that sharing knowledge isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. We give our teams the freedom to cultivate their unique ways of knowledge sharing. For instance, our marketing team converges weekly to discuss design improvements, troubleshoot challenges, and collaboratively brainstorm. This space becomes a hotbed of creativity where fresh ideas are born, and new tools are showcased. 

Likewise, our People team carves out dedicated time for self-development—immersing themselves in listening, reading, and learning. This freedom to share knowledge in diverse ways adds layers to our collective growth, making our journey one of flexibility, innovation, and continuous learning.

We are grateful for every piece of knowledge shared!

Our recognition programs go beyond patting shoulders; they're about acknowledging the collective effort that elevates us all. Team members who go above and beyond to contribute to our knowledge sharing culture are celebrated. Each year during our Christmas party we once again say thank you to each person building our knowledge-sharing culture.

ULAM LABS - Knowledge Sharing Part 5

The journey to greatness continues!

Every interaction—whether it's sharing insights or seeking understanding—fuels our quest for excellence. As both carriers and seekers of knowledge, we weave a culture that thrives on the dynamic exchange of wisdom, enriching our path to innovation through collaborative learning. Our commitment to personalized knowledge sharing amplifies our growth and ensures that every team's unique contributions shape our collective success.

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