Wrocław Blockchain Meetup - An introduction to the Bitcoin Lightning Network with ULAM Labs CEO Konrad Rotkiewicz

Mateusz Raczyński
11 October 2021 · 1 min read

ULAM Labs founder and CEO Konrad Rotkiewicz will be the host and main speaker at the next Wrocław Blockchain Meetup.

Scheduled to take place on the 19th of October, Konrad will give a 120-minute introductory presentation on the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Built on top of the widely established Bitcoin blockchain, the Lightning Network allows for instant, low-cost payments to be made using Bitcoin Presenting itself as one of the leading options for the future of global decentralized cryptocurrency payments.

In his presentation, Konrad will cover the basics of the Lightning Network’s functionality, some technical details on how Lightning Network transactions work, and discuss the pros and cons of the network with those in attendance.

If you wish to attend the meetup. you can join online here.

Or, if you’re in town, you can join in person (details on the event page).

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