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Tech Pathways: Kickstart Your Backend Developer Career

This event is more than just talks. It’s your opportunity to master Backend Development and discover the roadmap to a tech career that matches your academic pursuits

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17:00 - 18:00


Tech Pathways: Backend Developer for Tech Company

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Biuro Karier PWr, 1.05, budynek H14


Bartek Trybała

The event will be held in Polish.

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Tech Patways meeting


Discover what it takes to be a Backend Developer
Essential role insights: See what makes Backend Developers crucial to tech teams.
Facing challenges head-on: Learn about the real challenges, teamwork, and client talks Backend Developers navigate.
Your path to becoming a Backend Developer: Tips on starting and growing in your Backend Developer career.
From idea to launch: The steps for bringing a project to life, from the first concept to going live.
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Speaker: Bartek Trybała

Backend Developer

Bartek is a Backend Developer with a love for APIs, databases, and making complex systems work smoothly. He's walked the path from school to the tech industry and knows how to blend academic learning with the demands of a tech career.

Bartek Trybała

Special Bonus for Attendees

As an attendee, you'll get an exclusive handbook crafted by our experts, diving into the life of a Backend Developer. This guide spans from interview prep to the questions you're likely to face. It's everything you need to get a head start.



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