SEO management software with a unique algorithm


RankSense does much more than this helping their customers to generate more traffic on their websites with SEO. The company is able to maximize the impact of brand-building activities, bring in new customers and deliver real value in a shorter time than its competing SEO businesses.





Backend development

Frontend development



Kubernetes, Ansible, Google Container Engine, Python


RankSense is an American based SaaS company focused on getting better SEO results for their clients with a unique algorithm.


The main challenge of the project was to maintain and redesign the technological infrastructure, audit securities protocols and performance of the entire system so as to verify any potential gaps and bottlenecks.

RankSense’s core product is built on top of the Kubernetes Federation and the Google Cloud Platform, which handles more than 1000 requests per second and can automatically scale almost indefinitely. Because of many clusters located in different parts of the world, they require a lot of attention and upgrade processes several times per day to keep almost zero downtimes.

As a result of overcoming these challenges, the platform would receive additional features for managing customers in an easier way while keeping high security and system performance standards.


66% infrastructure costs saved

Ulam Labs audited the entire technological infrastructure pointing out some performance issues. After applying the proposed changes, RankSense was able to notice a 66% savings on IT infrastructure in their monthly bills. Ulam Labs also prepared a performance comparison test suite to measure the performance impact of new features, as well as introducing a more reliable and robust deployment solution. Consequently, the RankSense platform was moved to SaaS where new customers were able to processed automatically.

Improved service quality

Finally, RankSense has been able to deliver higher quality services to its customers around the world by giving the opportunity for companies to noticeably lower their customers acquisition costs. The level of quality of information gathered through the search engine optimisation platform is presented in a more user friendly way giving possibilities for easier management of the system dashboard and the creation of more relevant and precise, deep SEO analysis and results.

Key features

New system architecture

Ulam Labs redesigned and rewrote the entire system delivering new architecture with more functional features. The system allows an admin to add new customers in an easier way compared to the previous version where a new client was required to have a new cluster and dockers. Today, the new system is based on the SaaS platform.

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