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The medical and healthcare industry has unique needs. Professionals are obliged to take a practical approach to learning by attending conferences and CPD events. At the same time, it’s not easy to find such certified and accredited meetings in the UK. Upraisal, an events aggregator and management platform is the innovative solution to this problem. Upraisal makes it easier for healthcare professionals to gather in one place.


Custom Software Development


Python, Django, Vue.js, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform, Stripe, Flutter

Country of origin



Upraisal aims to create an innovative professionals’ navigator that serves experts and professionals from the medical and pharma industries in the UK

The founder’s many years of medical experience have facilitated the detection of barriers and problems related to the continuous professional development of medical experts

The company has office in London


Upraisal's plan

The customer has a precise vision of the product, for both now and the future, supported by deep analysis of the medical market.

The platform is ultimately intended to help in the development of a medical career, allowing the checking of accumulated CPD points and better control of one’s career path development. Upraisal is focused on automating the work that needs to be done by event managers and learners alike.



The project was divided into two parts:

1. Create an MVP of the platform handling conferences and events that would enable:

easy management of events

advanced search options for healthcare events

automation of certificate generation

out-of-the-box participant information gathering

2. In the future the platform will gather services serving additional services linked to conferences. It will also allow professionals to follow the right career path while accumulating CPD points within the platform.


The project came with significant challenges:

Create a platform with high automation standards allowing professionals to spend less time searching for specialization events:

automatic certificates sent via email after the event is finished

notifications on new conferences linked to one’s specialization

automatic inclusion on the list of participants

Integration with external providers (e.g. Zoom), to create online conferences and webinars

Integration with payment providers

Integration with Google auth services and Google maps


We provided the client with a user-friendly web application that helps users to organize and search for healthcare events. The platform is refined in every detail, including the fact that the participant can choose his/her food preferences during the conference. Also, the application easily supports online and offline conferences. Upraisal has also quickly built trust and recognition in the medical industry, gaining several thousands of active users within the first three months since the platform was launched.


Mobile application

The mobile application focuses on the end-user, the event participants.

Ulam Labs built a mobile app from scratch in just 4 weeks, providing smooth user experience and eye-catching design.

We especially took care of the entire enrollment process which allows the participants to search for conferences, book the place in the event, or even choose food preferences smoothly.

A user profile allows healthcare professionals to track the accumulated CPD points to match the searches to the current needs of the user.

The mobile application is a perfect complement to the whole Upraisal project. Now our client can handle two groups: events’ organizers and participants.

Mobile app

Key functionalities


Front-end development

The user interface and main parts of the system were very carefully planned and designed in the front-end with a user-friendly search engine. The event page shows all relevant information: date, place, form of event and its description. In addition, event organizers can easily submit new conferences via an intuitive panel.


Sophisticated search engine

Medical professionals can search for events within their profession, interest and location.


Zoom integration

Due to worldwide changes concerning stationary events, the platform also enables the creation of online events and webinars.


Payment integration

The platform allows participants to pay for their place at a conference thanks to integration with Stripe's payment processing platform.


Mobile application

We developed handy mobile apps using the Flutter framework. The apps’ users can search for and enroll in events as well as control the CPD points on their user profile.

Used technology

The tech stack:

The tech stack we used for the back-end included Python and Django - our core business specialization.. We also developed the front-end of the platform with Vue.js, which offers an intuitive interface design for easy everyday use. Everything is deployed on the Kubernetes cluster on top of Google Cloud Platform, frontend is additionally passed through Google’s CDN to minimize the load time. Smooth payments are provided through integration with Stripe’s payment processing platform, while mobile applications are built with the Flutter framework.

Ali Bahsoun
MediShout Logo

“Working with their team has been a really great experience”

I was very pleased with the team and the way they worked. We went through the project, and I felt comfortable with them. Ulam Labs focused on what I wanted to do. There was a developer on our first call with them, which was really reassuring to me. It showed me that they were genuinely interested in the technology.

Ali Bahsoun

CEO of Upraisal

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