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April 20, 2023

Fintech professionals from all over the world attended the VI Blockchain Economic Forum in London. Also known as BEF LATOKEN, BEF is all about bringing together the best of the best in the finance and crypto industries to discuss the major transition occurring within capital markets. This transition is going to affect everyone from the unbanked to multi-billion-dollar VC funds, and remains one of the most important trends of our time.

The event, run by top 10 cryptocurrency exchange LATOKEN, took place on September 20th and 21st 2019. Speakers discussed all things related to the decentralized financial system. Last year’s event took place in San Francisco and included talks from venture capitalist Tim Draper, former Chairman of the CFTC Gary Gensler, former Minister of Finance in Canada Joe Oliver, and numerous other high profile professionals.

LATOKEN was hosting participants with total assets under management of over $3B. These players came from both the venture capital world and the startup sphere, both of which are strongly connected to the core topics of fundraising, strategy, and the future of capital markets.

Blockchian conference trends

Discussions centred around where the future of the market was expected to go now that we are seeing the rise of money markets on blockchain and the crowdfunding market being tokenized.

Proper analysis of the trends is most effective when a diverse mix of perspectives are brought into the mix, and that’s exactly what the forum aims to accomplish.  The future of hedge funds, venture capital, and portfolio management were all keystone topics of the 2019 summit. None of these topics are explicitly linked to blockchain, yet now they as essential to talk about as technology was two decades ago.

On top of the investing angle at the conference, another core topic was the monetary policy for decentralized currencies. Facebook’s Libra Project has launched this idea to the forefront of regulators' minds, and economists everywhere want to talk about how these developments could shape the world of the future.

Diverse range of perspectives during blockchain event

There are four main groups who attended the expo: entrepreneurs, government officials, investors, and the media. Each party was keen to hear what leading blockchain speakers have to say about how the technology was going to affect the incumbent markets. Now that digital assets are being accepted as a new reality in the traditional finance world where their commentary adds an additional flavour and balance to the discussion.

Participants included Bletchley Park Asset Management, CoinShares, Prime Factor Capital, Napoleon Capital, FGC Group, Arca Funds, Grow VC Group, and Columbus Capital. All these funds were looking for an edge in the investing space, and were also realizing that these conferences was a great source of business development. Investors wanted their asset managers to be cutting edge and ahead of the game, and blockchain technology being the next wave of the Internet makes it an essential area of expertise.

BEF is one of the most well-known blockchain events in the world because of how it mixes the two worlds and the wide variety of speakers and attendees it attracts. Forbes recently said: “Blockchain Economic Forum comes back to facilitate the discussions of the most important topics of the crypto economy and its growing influence on the global economy.”

LATOKEN is a digital assets exchange that specializes in the tokenization and new tokens. They offer over 250 different trading pairs and are delving into new asset classes while maintaining low trading fees and user-friendly KYC. They have cemented themselves as industry leaders by putting this amazing event together, especially as it continues to grow in reputation.

Custom development solutions are on the rise

As traditional capital markets and decentralized currencies start to overlap more and more, these two communities are merging. More funds are going on blockchain exchanges and the demand for custom blockchain solutions has greatly increased.

This is largely attributed to financial services firms who want to adapt their current solutions to be blockchain compatible. As developers ourselves at ULAM Labs, we’ve seen the demand for blockchain integration consulting and DevOps support go through the roof. Our clients see the writing on the wall and want to make sure they don’t get left behind.

Another key source of interest for these companies is the development of cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain wallets. At their core, blockchains are about creating communities, so the thought process is that if these companies can create an ecosystem of their own, they’ll be able to attract and retain customers more easily.

At ULAM Labs have strong experience building secure wallets and infrastructure for fintech and crypto platforms. Get in touch to discuss your blockchain product!

Written by
Marcin Małaszuk
Head of Growth, Ulam Labs

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