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December 14, 2023

We recently broke from our routine and explored the charming town of Świeradów Zdrój, where nature provides ideal opportunities to forge and strengthen bonds. This trip wasn't just about leaving the office; it was about enhancing our team building and creating memories we can revisit months later, especially during our morning coffee in the office.

Teamwork in the Wild

Our integration adventure kicked off with the Great QR Hunt, an outdoor challenge that transformed the surrounding hills into a strategic game board. Teams gathered, deciphering clues from QR codes hidden in the terrain. This high-tech scavenger hunt tested not just our wits but also our collaborative muscles and problem-solving skills—an ideal reflection of our daily approach to challenges using teamwork and technology. Additionally, we finally found out who is making the most of the Multisport Card and showcasing the perfect sporting form in the mountains.

Personalized Leisure: SPA, Single-Tracks, or Sky Walk?

After the thrill of the hunt, we each chose our mode of relaxation. The SPA group enjoyed rejuvenating treatments, single-track enthusiasts hit the biking trails, relishing the rush of wind and the beauty of the landscape, and the brave ones explored the Sky Tower’s skywalk, offering breathtaking panoramic views. These moments underscored our commitment to work-life balance and the well-being of our team.

Where Every Experience Counts

For our current and future team members, this trip symbolized more than a weekend getaway. It was a testament to our culture, valuing shared experiences, personal growth, and the bonds formed when stepping out of our comfort zones together (yes, it's slightly easier with the right group of people!). These experiences shape us into a resilient and dynamic team, prepared to innovate and lead in our industry.

Your Next Chapter Awaits with Us

Returning to the office, we brought back not just great photos and stories, but a deeper sense of community. To those considering joining our ranks, we hope this glimpse into our spirited and supportive culture excites you. We're more than a company; we're a team that values the spirit of adventure and the connections that come with it.

So, are you ready to be part of a team that values both your professional expertise and your adventurous spirit? Let’s create memories and milestones together!

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