Ulam Labs Recognized Among the Top 100 Companies on Clutch

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April 21, 2022

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Ulam Labs Recognized Among the Top 100 Companies on Clutch

Our foundation in the initial years has been Python development and while it remained at the core of our tech stack, we’ve quickly begun to offer the whole custom software development package – DevOps, frontend and backend, desktop and mobile.

Another major milestone came from the passion for blockchain in our team, and we began offering services for the crypto industry in 2020.

Today, our team has grown to over 60 people–and this becomes outdated rather quickly–and we work on projects for crypto and fintech industries end-to-end. We help to shape ideas, craft product designs, and deliver whole platforms and apps using cryptocurrencies, with or without smart contracts.

The dedication to delivering only the best quality services has been with us since day 1 and has taken us to be featured among the Top 100 Companies on Clutch for Sustained Growth over the last years (2018–2021). We’re proud to be recognized among other leaders by an established US-based platform for IT companies.

To talk more about this award, here is Konrad Rotkiewicz, our CEO:

We believe that The Clutch Top 100 feature comes through Ulam Labs building its brand around delivering top-quality software development, product design, and auditing services within the emerging markets of crypto and fintech. We're honored to be on the list, and we can assure you that we'll double down on what has brought us here in the coming years.

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Mateusz RaczyńskiAvatar placeholder
Mateusz Raczyński
Marketing Manager

Mateusz spent over a decade on launching and marketing tech products. Crypto enthusiast. Always on the lookout for the next growth opportunity.

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