Sharing Blockchain Knowledge Among Students: Ulam Labs x Solvro

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April 8, 2022

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Sharing Blockchain Knowledge Among Students: Ulam Labs x Solvro

We love to share knowledge, and we do it regularly. We are also lucky enough to always find people willing to learn from us and being keen on blockchain as much as we are. We have partnered with the Solvro Students Club at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, they are an example of talented future developers interested in blockchain technology.

Solvro Students Club consists of 37 students from technical faculties developing various initiatives and skills. Since the beginning of 2022 we support Solvro in gaining blockchain knowledge in theory - providing lectures and meetups, and in practice - building an app together.

Ulam Labs supports Solvro in building a Bitcoin application that allows users to give and collect Bitcoin tips in restaurants as printed QR codes. The application operates with a Lightning Network wallet and keeps track of all generated tips in local storage. Additionally, the receiver has an option to invalidate selected tips at once and receive funds back. Both mobile and desktop versions will be available. Students are also receiving our Product Designer’s assistance.

We organize events that support students in broadening their blockchain knowledge. Solvro had the opportunity to attend our Blockchain Meetups where we covered topics linked to basics of blockchain technology, smart contracts and Lightning Network. We are also planning to create workshops for students in the near future.

We are open to work with talented students offering them internships or junior positions. Students can gain unique experience in projects for the FinTech and Crypto Sector as well as participate in the most innovative projects using the latest technologies. They are more than welcome to stay for longer!

If you’re a student willing to gain experience in a blockchain company, join our career center to be informed about job opportunities and events for students.

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