Replace Boring Manual Business Processes with Custom Software: 5 Real World Examples

Elena Beliaeva-Baran
min read
May 17, 2023

How often do you think about automation? 

We bet as often as your competitors…

Automation seems like a magic word. And well… That's fair. 

As the business landscape is expanding rapidly, maintaining the speed to stay competitive and boost efficiency can be challenging. 

One of the ways that businesses can achieve their goals is by leveraging custom build software in their operations and core business processes. 

Every sector, from the accounting and financial industry to supply chain management and healthcare, shows better outcomes after implementing custom software solutions. 

This article will cover 5 Business operations that can be automated and accelerated by integrating custom software solutions into existing processes. 

Custom CRM Software for Real Estate Agencies

Building an efficient real estate agency that promotes consumer trust and fosters client relationships can be challenging. It might become overwhelming if we add the most common issues real estate agencies face, such as poor collaboration, inefficient client segmentation, or time-consuming manual process. 

Various business operations can be streamlined with custom-made software. 

For instance, custom CRM Software tailored to real estate can help agents manage property listings, client inquiries, appointments, and legal matters more efficiently. 

CRM systems can also significantly improve Real Estate companies' operations and make digital marketing practices more targeted. 

Implementing such software will enable agents to focus on closing deals and identifying prospects likely to become paying customers. 

Custom Software for Restaurant Inventory Management

Custom inventory management software for restaurants can track perishable menu ingredients, manage suppliers, monitor stock levels, and suggest optimal order quantities. 

This will help optimize many manual processes and help a restaurant reduce food waste and costs. 

Real-time inventory tracking ensures restaurant owners have an accurate view of their stock levels, helping them avoid food waste and stockouts. 

Restaurant inventory management systems can also incorporate recipe management, which would go for automatic ingredient deductions based on sales, simplifying stock control. 

Custom Software Development

Custom Software for HR Management of Remote Teams

As WFH (Work From Home) has grown in its scope, managing Remote teams has become one of the challenges for Human Resources. 

Custom HR software can help HR teams to address the common challenges associated with managing remote teams while providing seamless integration with existing processes and business requirements. 

Custom HR software catering to remote teams can simplify time tracking, time-off management, and performance evaluations, ensuring seamless HR operations despite geographical distances.

Apart from streamlining the onboarding of remote employees, providing access to digital resources, manage schedules and meetings across different time zones, custom CRM software can accommodate various remote work schedules, enable virtual team-building activities, and secure access to necessary HR resources.

Custom Software for Construction Project Management

Custom project management software designed for the construction industry can help manage blueprints, permits, contractor schedules, and on-site progress, ensuring projects stay on track and within a dedicated budget. 

Construction project management software can automate and optimize many manual processes, increasing the efficiency of the whole business. 

Centralized communication platforms facilitate better collaboration among team members, stakeholders, and subcontractors. Bespoke software can provide instant access to project data and updates, emailing informed decision-making and timely interventions. 

Custom software can help construction companies to streamline workflows, financial management, and reporting, proactively identify and address project risks, organize and manage critical construction documents, provide data-driven insights on project performance, adapt to changing project needs, and ensure long-term value. 

Digital Ads Custom SaaS for E-commerce

Custom retail analytics tools can help businesses track traffic, analyze customer behavior and demographics, and optimize manual processes. With custom software, e-stores can provide a better shopping experience and increased sales.

With tailored insights, inventory management, personalized marketing, and real-time reporting - e-commerce companies can revolutionalize their targeting efforts. 

In our experience, built digital advertisement tools can streamline the process and provide advertisers with real-time reporting. Such software helps advertisers make data-driven decisions based on tailored insights in constantly changing market conditions. 


Bespoke software products can streamline many business operations. In the age of automated processes, such solutions can bring high ROI. 

When you choose a software development company, ensure they know all the ins and outs of the business, the target user, and the market requirements. 

We've prepared a guide to help you write a software requirements specification
(+ SRS example). 

Written by
Elena Beliaeva-Baran


We approach each project individually. We analyze each project on a few main factors influencing the approximate time scope. 

1. The Volume of work - the larger the project, the more resources we would need to assign to it

2. Your Direct and Indirect competition

3. Your Software objectives 

When you choose your custom software developer, Knowing how to track progress correctly is essential. 

You can find information about it in our guide: How to Track Software Development Progress?

No, we work with different business sectors and industries. Our experience in building bespoke software solutions involves creating AdTech SaaS, FinTech platforms, Blockchain-based solutions, NFT marketplaces, and many more. 

Have an idea for a custom solution in mind? 

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Same as with estimating the approximate time required for building custom software, each project is approached differently. 

We evaluate the cost of your project based on your business requirements, the complexity of the product, its features, and the approximate development time. 

This data will help us estimate the scope of your project and the required resources. 

Want to see what we would charge for your particular custom software project?

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