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March 27, 2023

We are proud to announce that we support our local ZOO by animal adoption. Two python snakes (Python Molurus Bivittatus) will receive the very best care and attention from our company and our employees.

Python is a species threatened with extinction mainly due to the illegal trade in hides, meat and collectors, especially in China and Vietnam, while in the USA in Florida, as an invasive species, it poses a threat to native fauna. These snakes also live in Burma, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia and the islands of Celebes, Java and Borneo.

As a Python software development company, we cannot imagine other animals that we could adopt than these snakes. We love Python in every form, be it a programming language or an animal. Pythons we've adopted are under threat in the wild and so it's brilliant to know we're playing a part in helping them. - Konrad Rotkiewicz, CEO at Ulam Labs.

Our pythons reach up to 6 m in length. They climb, swim and dive well, the immersion can last up to several minutes. Dark-skinned pythons can live about 25 years. Due to their size, these snakes need a large terrarium that will reflect their natural habitat. They are night-active animals.

We got all our followers on Facebook to vote for snake names. Among the various name suggestions, we chose the ones that best suit our snakes: Orion and Side. Orion from the project on which Stanisław Ulam was working. Orion is also a character in Greek mythology, Side's husband. Therefore, the female snake was named after the Greek goddess, famous for her beauty. - Barbara Trybulińska, Social Media Manager and QA Specialist at Ulam Labs.

Adopted snakes can be visited in the Wrocław ZOO in Poland.

There are many animals available to adopt from Wroclaw Zoo. Animal adoption helps to fund their conservation work in Poland and all around the world, supporting their fight to prevent extinction.

Written by
Anna Buczak
Employer Branding Specialist

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