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March 29, 2023

Incepted in 2016 and based in Wroclaw, Ulam Labs is an agile software development organization. The company's mission is to help startups and medium-size companies utilize Crypto and Blockchain technologies for a better-decentralized world. The professionals aim to be the go-to partner for the best global tech-based businesses. The unit will offer the best in class software engineering and technological strategic management to international clients.

Konrad Rotkiewicz interview for Goodfirms
Ulam Labs renders full-scope software development support during the entire product lifecycle for web applications and mobile apps. Whether clients want to create a simple component or full-fledged enterprise application, Ulam experts have the skills and experience to build it for them.

The GoodFirms team approached Konrad Rotkiewicz, the CEO of Ulam Labs, who is keen to bring new ideas to the table and is trying to constantly cope up with the challenges. Starting with, Konrad Rotkiewicz mentions that the idea of starting this company came very naturally and was demand-driven. "However, passionate about technology and with over ten years of experience, I took the first steps in this industry as a freelancer." The CEO quickly realized that the demand for such services was constantly rising - and Ulam Labs needed new people to join its growing team. Ergo, it was the perfect moment to incept Ulam Labs. Further, the CEO sounds delightful while mentioning that the company now serves clients from startups to SME companies, and as a growing software house, the team can provide services to corporations as well.

Continuing with the interview, Konrad Rotkiewicz elaborates more on the flourishing services rendered by the professional team to global clients. Firstly, he starts with the software development services and explains that the experts at Ulam Labs help build systems designed for clients' business requirements. Producing a new IT product or method that serves unique processes demands custom development. And the professional developers' team creates a system that answers clients' business needs with an easily scalable and flexible solution and full ownership of the system.

Furthermore, the expert software developers help clients to create software with greatness, speed, and modern look back again. The team will help clients catch up and regain competitiveness with the help of contemporary technology.

In order to develop a product, it needs a combination of keen minds, rare talent, and cutting edge technology expertise. Ulam Labs holds the expertise to modify design on-screen to digital products resolving real-world predicaments. Ulam Labs affords a comprehensive way to launch clients' innovative products faster and cost-effectively with cross-functional units for designing, development, testing, and marketing under one shelter. The GoodFirms’ researchers believe that holding a proficient team of developers providing robust solutions to the clients would soon endow Ulam Labs amongst the leading software development companies listed at GoodFirms.

Ulam Labs review at Goodfirms.

The review obtained at GoodFirms is confirming the potential of the developers at Ulam Labs.

“Apart from this, the second in-demand service catered to the customers is blockchain development service,” says Konrad Rotkiewicz. The expert Blockchain developers at Ulam Labs cater to clients from various sectors: healthcare, finance, real estate, retail, logistics, and a few others.

Moreover, a team of blockchain engineers will support the full range of clients' software development needs by engaging the most disruptive technology of recent years to support their business. The professionals create secure decentralized databases to handle transactions or store data without compromising clients' important information privacy.

The team also develops customized and feature-rich decentralized applications using smart contracts and robust code. They form a secure and seamless foundation for supply chain, finance, trade, gaming, or legal business. With the growing need to control companies' data, the expert developers' team helps clients to look for a closed ecosystem that is secure and assures compliance with the most advanced regulations.

The engineers also help clients to automate their business processes, transactions, and agreements by limiting third-party intervention and reducing costs with smart contract solutions for their business. Thus, providing smooth communication and timely product delivery endows Ulam Labs as one of the top blockchain development companies in Poland at GoodFirms.

The review obtained at GoodFirms is the evidence of quality service offerings rendered by the professionals at GoodFirms.

Ulam Labs review - Goodfirms

Having read the above-mentioned excerpt from the interview given by the CEO of Ulam Labs, one can also go through the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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