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January 11, 2024

In this employee spotlight, meet Bartek who went from an intern to become a true Blockchain Developer. Bartek is playing a key role in our newly created service linked to smart contract audits and is a very important asset to our team!

What was your journey from an intern to a Blockchain Developer?

During the holidays after completing my first term of master studies, I started an internship with a group that was developing Pact, a decentralized exchange on the Algorand Blockchain. Throughout my internship, I contributed to the creation of individual features for the smart contract.

As autumn arrived, I transitioned seamlessly into a Junior Developer role within the same team, balancing my part-time work with my ongoing studies. However, as time progressed, I was assigned to another project aimed at developing a tool to facilitate smart contract audits. In this new team, I gained more independence, assuming greater responsibility and exerting a larger influence on the project. Currently, I have been working full-time for several months.

Which of our culture's values is most important to you and why?

ULAM LABS has fantastic culture’s values! One of my personal favorites is the emphasis on honest feedback. Every six months, we have a dedicated meeting with our project manager where we discuss our work and receive valuable feedback not only from our manager but also from our peers. Additionally, we hold daily meetings to discuss progress, plans, and any issues that may arise.

Another aspect I appreciate is the practice of reviewing each other's pull requests before merging them into the main branch, ensuring high-quality code and collaboration.

Furthermore, we have a supportive team dynamic where we readily help each other out. If someone encounters a problem, they can count on the expertise of more experienced team members.

Lastly, as a team, we have a shared commitment to delivering top-notch quality, which aligns perfectly with my own values and makes me feel right at home in this exceptional group.

How do you recall your recruitment process?  

My journey with ULAM LABS began when I first encountered them at a student workshop, where I was immediately captivated by their work. Later, I had the opportunity to meet them again at a job fair, and this time, I decided to take a leap and apply for an internship.

After a period of time, I received an email containing a recruitment task, which turned out to be a small end-to-end project. Once I submitted my results, I was thrilled to receive a code review and an invitation for a recruitment interview.

During the interview, I met Łukasz, who later became my buddy, offering guidance and support as I acclimated to the work and office culture. The interview itself was pleasant, consisting of logical and programming tasks that allowed me to showcase my skills and problem-solving abilities.

During my internship, I had the opportunity to gain firsthand experience working collaboratively in a team on a substantial project. Throughout this period, I was assigned a range of tasks that encompassed the entire development process, from implementation to testing. This hands-on experience allowed me to gain a comprehensive understanding of the workflow and the importance of collaboration within a team setting.

Junior Blockchain Developer

What do you enjoy most about working at ULAM LABS?

One aspect of my work that I truly enjoy is having the opportunity to work on projects according to my individual plan. As I balance work and parallel study, this flexibility allows me to adjust my schedule accordingly.

What technologies and tools do you use in your daily work?

During my work, I greatly honed the quality of the written code. As a result, I have incorporated the use of linters in all of my study projects. Additionally, I have embraced Poetry, a tool that effectively manages virtual environments and Python3 package dependencies. These tools have become indispensable in my workflow and have greatly improved my development process.

Moreover, my time at work provided me with a deeper understanding of Blockchain technology and its inner workings, allowing me to expand my knowledge in this field.

As a Junior, do you feel you have enough autonomy in your work?

As a junior, I have a sufficient level of autonomy in my work, which enables me to take ownership of my tasks. However, I always have the support of more experienced team members.

In the mornings, we hold meetings where we talk about progress, set the next steps, and address any issues or challenges related to our projects. These meetings make our communication much better and ensure that everyone is moving forward in a project.

What are the biggest challenges you faced in your work at Ulam Labs?

One of the greatest challenges I faced was finding the right balance between my full-time studies and work. However, ULAM LABS provided me with the opportunity to transition into a part-time role, which allowed me to better manage my schedule. During this period, I had most of my classes on Wednesdays, which meant I could work shorter hours on those days and make up for them on other days. It was a challenging juggling act, but with the flexibility within the company, I was able to overcome this obstacle.

What advice would you have for young people who are looking for their first programming job?

I’m very happy that I chose ULAM LABS for my internship. Right from the beginning, I was treated as a valued team member, despite being new to the job. I received all the necessary company equipment and underwent a comprehensive onboarding process, allowing me to quickly integrate into the company. Prior to the internship, my programming knowledge was fairly general, and my understanding of blockchain was limited. However, through my work here, I have gained a deeper understanding of these areas.

If I may suggest some tips for others thinking about applying here, I would stress that the company places importance on code quality, including factors such as linting, testing, and code structure. Analytical thinking and the ability to effectively show your thought process are also highly valued. If you are seeking an internship opportunity, ULAM LABS would be an excellent choice. Surely once you enter here, you would love to stay for longer!

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