Smart Contracts Development

Launch Smart Contracts Without Headaches

Tell us about your project and let’s put your smart contracts on-chain! We are experienced in developing and auditing smart contracts on popular and emerging blockchain platforms. Our code passes through 3rd party audits without critical vulnerabilities!

Case Studies

Cryptocurrency Lending Platform for Individuals

The second time we got to work with Lendingblock, we took care of the end-to-end design and development of the crypto lending and borrowing platform for individuals. To offer the best experience, we rebuilt the whole product from scratch.

Crypto loans for individuals
Designed and built end-to-end by our team
Custom-built exchange

Flawless smart contract development

We are part of the rapidly growing crypto space, assisting our clients in developing decentralized applications and custom software that uses cryptocurrencies and smart contracts.

Our team can deliver your project end-to-end, building the platform’s frontend and backend as well as the smart contracts that power it. However, we currently don’t offer Solidity development.

Let's work together
  • in the market since 2018
  • 50+ product designers, frontend, backend & blockchain developers, QA specialists, and project managers
  • crypto & finance expertise
  • Algorand development partner
  • Solana & Flowsmart contract audits experience

    We write smart contracts on

    “Developed the best in class digital lending platform”

    Lendingblock partnered with Ulam Labs to develop a best in class digital asset lending platform. We have been impressed by their professional approach to all tasks and their extensive knowledge of the blockchain amongst the team. Through the hard work of Konrad and his team of developers, we're confident that we're providing our institutional clients with a safe and reliable lending experience.
    Steve Swain
    CEO of Lendingblock

    Development Partner of Algorand

    Joining Algorand’s Partner Program is one of our strategic moves to provide even better products and services for our FinTech clients. Security and fast transactions in the crypto industry are one of the most challenging aspects. With Algorand cutting edge solutions we will bring trust and verification in our client's products.

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    Ulam Labs Begins Smart Contract Audit for SuperBonds on Solana

    SuperBonds is a new DeFi project offering DeFi’s first true fixed-income financial NFT market. We have just entered a smart contract audit collaboration to ensure secure and smooth operations of the…
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    8 min read

    What is Algorand? - The Blockchain Network That Grew 600% In 2021

    We often get inquiries for solutions that would be built on blockchain – but the founders are still not sure on which technology should they build on. There’s no straight answer here, but we…
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    9 min read

    Solidity Development: Why You Should Avoid It?

    Alongside the ongoing DeFi boom, there's been a rising demand for Solidity development services. Blockchain development firms are surfing the tide, witnessing a significant surge in their workflow…
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    The next steps?

    Ready to get down to work? Great! Here’s how we usually approach it.



    Send us your inquiry and share some project details.



    Have a project specification already? Great, let us see it!


    Product design

    Let us know if you’d like us to design the product.



    Based on the specification and project scope, we’ll calculate the timeline, costs, and let you know about the starting date.



    Before we move forward, we’ll work on the precise deliverables and put them into the agreement.



    We use scrum, so each week you’ll know about the progress. You can get involved in team stand-ups, too!



    Our developments are always well-tested by the QA team, so you get a fully functional, reliable product.



    Our auditing team will check the smart contracts. We can also work with a 3rd party auditor.