Find Vulnerabilities In Your Smart Contracts

Our blockchain security experts can do an extensive audit of your smart contract code and find potential vulnerabilities and attack verticals. Don’t risk your reputation and assets.

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Reliable smart contract audits

Part of our team are senior low-level programmers that have extensive experience in code audits and can work with your smart contracts. With us, you’ll know all about your code and understand how to fix potential bugs, so that when you’ll release the platform, the outcome is only as expected.

◦  In the market since 2018

◦  Extensive crypto expertise

◦  Algorand development partner

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Great UX, frictionless performance, top-level security, and business value in 1 product.
For us, each project is like this. 

Masters of Ethereum and Solana.


We are an official development partner of Algorand, working with the Algorand Foundation and clients that use this technology.

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Send us your inquiry and share some details about your project and the backing technology.
Based on the project definition, we’ll estimate the time & costs.
Before we move forward, we’ll work on the precise deliverables and put them into the agreement.
Our experts will test your code and look for any potential vulnerability.
Recommendations Report
We’ll put our findings in a confidential recommendation report so you can fix them at the desired pace.
Public Report
After critical vulnerabilities are fixed, you can publish the report to communicate the security of your project.

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