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Ulam Labs is a team of blockchain engineers that will support the full range of your software development needs. Contact us to learn about our processes, our extensive experience and how we can help you through our unique blockchain development service.

Ulam Labs blockchain solutions
If you’re considering kicking off a business based on blockchain technology, check out our services and portfolio.
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Custom Blockchain Wallet Development
Providing security for clients' data and assets is a key priority for all fintech blockchain-based companies.

After a consultation with you, our experts at Ulam Labs will advise you and design your bespoke digital wallets to assure the highest data security standards are met.
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Blockchain Integration Consulting
If you are looking for blockchain expertise, contact us to consult your project. It will be our pleasure to advise you on the available technologies, product development and resources required to roll out the best app to the market.

Once you get your answers, we can help you build a state-of-art blockchain service.
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Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development
The market of crypto is still in an early stage. There is plenty of room for more great platforms and services catering to bitcoin, ethereum as well as other coin management and trade systems.

As the market continues to mature the need for better, more stable and more secure solutions will only increase. Developing trading platforms equipped with customized wallets is one of our core skills.

With its proven track record Ulam Labs can also help your business develop a great and secure service.
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Blockchain Infrastructure DevOps
Maintaining blockchain infrastructure is a challenge, but we have already figured it out. Our DevOps team can help you spin and maintain blockchain nodes with high availability in place.

We are experienced in the fast delivery of infrastructure solutions.
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All the great software we create is in accordance with a standardized workflow and Scrum methodology.

Industries and applications of blockchain

Blockchain is a concept based on decentralized ledger, distributed across all users. It is described as the new internet. It’s a way of transparently exchanging of values and information, minimizing the risk of fraud and theft like never before.

Almost all industries can benefit from blockchain adoption. Especially those that involve many parties handling the same sets of information, which are the most prone to the risk of data loss and/or uncontrolled modification.

Blockchain technology is well suited for:
  • fintech
  • banking
  • finance
  • insurance
  • supply chain
  • retail
  • healthcare
  • government and administration
  • real estate

Institutional Cryptocurrency Lending Platform

Let’s say you are a software house that prides itself on offering world-class technological expertise and IT development for blockchain, cryptocurrency, and telecommunication companies at a reasonable price and on time. And you like challenges. Then, one day, you are approached by a cryptocurrency lending company, with a mission of creating a financial infrastructure that encourages the borrowing and lending of cryptocurrency assets, to develop the code for programmers from the ground up. Do you take it?

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