The easiest way to launch your own NFT marketplace

OpenNFT is a fully customizable white-label NFT marketplace that allows you to bring in NFTs effortlessly.

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White-label NFT Marketplace

Since NFTs have started shaking up the market, the demand for reliable NFT marketplaces is flourishing.
Considering ourselves as a part of this revolution, we have created an NFT marketplace that enables brands to enter the market in a timely manner.

OpenNFT is a white-label NFT marketplace with all necessary features that can be used to get the platform up and running.
The solution has already been developed and carefully tested by our team. And we can customize it according to your requirements!

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Superior security

The platform works with EVM-compatible blockchains and uses ERC-721/ERC-1155 or equivalents as the NFT standard.

OpenNFT is built with a digital asset custody provider as a private key management partner. Therefore, it fulfills their high security and usability standards.


The main purpose of building an OpenNFT marketplace is to enable users to buy, sell and trade NFTs in the smoothest way possible. To be sure that this happens, we have implemented following features:

Minting NFTs to the admin's wallet

Digitize your data and issue your own token in a few clicks

authentication login

Ensure that the sensitive data isn’t compromised

Lazy minting

Create an NFT with no gas fee

NFT collections

Categorize NFTs and browse available tokens

Compliance with ERC-721 and ERC-1155

Provide your users with secure practices

Multiple NFT formats support

Choose from: JPEG, mp4 and other file formats

Flexible wallet integration

Use a custodian to manage your assets or connect a hot wallet

Multi-chain support

Connect NFTs with multiple blockchains

Primary and secondary marketplace

After the first sale, trade the NFTs on a secondary market

About us

Our goal is to support innovative ideas across various spaces, from finance and crypto to web 3.0. Products delivered by our team to spin the blockchain revolution across the world.

Since 2017 we have been building blockchain products, sharing our experience in the decentralized ecosystem. We aim to ​​increase the transparency and trust among the community by adapting cutting-edge technologies into our projects.

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