Web Application for Media Technology Provider

Video remains the most engaging and shared type of content of all. It’s worth the effort even taking into account the extra investment in money, time, and resources it can take.

When NMR gave us the opportunity to develop a frontend to a web application designed to manage media content, we were delighted to help.

There was a massive amount of data to scan and loads of videos to analyse, all of which we converted from a useless database into a handy application for business departments to mine, analyse and acquire insight from. Read on to see how we did it!

Custom Software Development
React, Rx.JS, Ant Design, AWS
Country of origin
United Kingdom



  • NMR is a leading media technology solutions provider and software developer founded in 1992

  • They’ve been a member of the Trams Group, the largest B2B Apple Authorised Resellers in the UK, since 2017

  • They required a deep understanding of complex media workflows and the high performance technology requirements that support them

  • NMR customers include major broadcasters (for example ITV), global advertising agencies, Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 corporations, and utilities companies

  • They have offices in London and New York


  • Create a web application which enables the automated extraction of metadata (for example the detection of logos, faces, temporal segmentation, visual similarity and more)

  • Create a commercially viable, sustainable product to offer to customers in the media entertainment space

  • Enrich metadata using AI to analyze video content

  • Analyze video streams on a real-time basis, for example courtroom footage


ReCAP is the web application that manages the administration, storage, and UI of a solution. Ulam Labs performed frontend development on a web application based on the designs provided, and the frontend development covered various aspects, including:

  • Facial recognition
  • Product placement (for example logos)
  • Audio recognition
  • Video streams on a real-time basis

The project lasted three months and the team comprised three Frontend Engineers plus a Project Manager.


The project came with significant challenges:

A web application that analyses loads of videos and photos with ease

A lightweight video player that’s easily navigable between shots, faces and logos

Essential metadata hidden in the files presented in a user-friendly, simple way


We provided the client with a sophisticated, user-friendly frontend application that quietly processes massive amounts of video data. The resulting data can be used in all sorts of exciting and commercially valuable ways by various business departments in their everyday work.

Key functionalities

Front-end development

The user interface and main parts of the system were very carefully planned and designed to create a user-friendly dashboard. The relevant data was grouped to keep all the information on one screen: shots, logos, faces and audio.

Sophisticated player with advanced navigation

We worked hard to create a lightweight player. Users can easily navigate between different shots, faces, and logos across the video, and changing a shot has a direct effect on the player.

Video uploader upgrade

The improvements we made to the uploader itself make a huge difference. Now the user uploads the file easily, then it’s processed and nicely presented.

Metadata research

An important aspect of the project was the optimized web browser, which had to ensure fast, intuitive research across different categories.

Directory explorer development

The directory explorer feature lets users create different catalogues and various ways to categorize metadata.

Used technology

The tech stack:

The tech stack we used included React, Rx.JS, Ant Design, and AWS, all highly respected technologies.

And that’s all...

Now, it’s your turn! Are you excited to start the process and learn more about your journey with Ulam Labs? Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.

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