Vulnerability Management Platform (VMP)

Holm Security is a complete platform for scanning network infrastructure, web applications, and APIs. It provides tools to check the vulnerability of users to phishing attacks, delivering powerful insights and allowing you to take full control of network security and external service security.

Python, Go, PHP, SQL, Redis, AngualrJS, VueJS, Docker
Project duration
2020 - ongoing
Project scope
Frontend development, Backend development, Maintenance

About the customer

Holm Security is a Sweden-based company offering cloud solutions for automatic and systematic security level assessment.

  • A leading company in the cybersecurity arena
  • Operates across 7 markets in Europe and Asia
  • Covers about 15 countries with 7 local offices
  • Winner in the Red Herring top 100 most promising tech companies
  • One of Top 3 security companies in Europe
  • Ranked in the 2020 Top 20 cybersecurity companies in India

Holm security - case Ulam Labs

Project overview

In a world where cyber security is becoming one of the most important aspects of business, Holm Security is a global challenger in automated and continuous vulnerability management.

The services offered by the client allow businesses to effectively take control of the security of their networks, systems and web applications.

Holm security for Ulam Labs

Network scanning

Automated and continuous vulnerability management for public and local systems, as well as cloud services. Cloud Scanners and virtual appliances for local scanning.

Web app scanning

Automated and continuous vulnerability management of web applications such as websites and REST API scanning. Tests OWASP top 10 version 2017.

Fraud risk assessment

Vulnerability assessments of users to find out how resilient they are to social engineering such as phishing, spear phishing, and ransomware attacks.

Project highlights

Cooperation model: Team extension

Cooperation model: Team extension

10 Team members

10 Team members

vulnerability tests

+6K vulnerability tests in the platform


Project duration: 2020 - ongoing vulnerability tests in the platform


+932K IPs & web apps scanned daily


+253K users targeted with phishing simulation


Ranked top 20 cybersecurity companies in India 2020.


Top 3 most promising cyber security companies and 100 most promising tech companies in Europe 2020.

Team extension model

Holm Security takes advantage of staff augmentation to handle workloads and extend its team with the best developers. The team of experts involved in this project is steadily growing and at the moment comprises 10 Ulam Labs’ engineers. 8 python developers, of whom 2 are in lead positions, plus 2 QA engineers fortify 2 of the client's teams, ensuring a smooth workflow in the agile development environment.

Within only a year, the size of the dedicated team for Holm Security has grown from 2 to 10 developers. It wouldn't be possible to extend the team at such a pace if it wasn’t for our proven, fast recruitment process, assuring only the best developers become involved in the project. Growing number of developers working with Holm Security means our engineers are the best fit, providing all the necessary skills to support the client.

This model of cooperation is especially beneficial for our client because it helps to compliment their team, fulfilling the business needs they have at a specific moment. This intelligent team extension allows our clients to scale up and down, and build effective teams faster. All this means we achieve high-speed project delivery.

Used technology

The tech stack:

The core of Holm Security is written in python and uses Django as its base. However python is just one of the languages used in this large platform - the frontend layer uses php and some of the low-level applications are written in GOlang. From the data storage perspective we use SQL-based databases for main data storage, as well as Redis for temporary storage. On the frontend side we use Vue and AngularJS. The infrastructure is currently based on the docker swarm, making new deployments an easy task.

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