SuperStable Audit on Solana


SuperStable is an innovative Solana DeFi product–the first bond market in that space. We have verified its security in a smart contract audit.



February – March 2022


Smart Contract Audit

Remediation Audit


Rust, Solana


SuperStable was the first DeFi bond market launched on Solana. It offers fixed-yield bonds that can be redeemed anytime. It’s a unique product that issues bonds as NFTs with rates paid in USDC stablecoins. As a result, the bond owners are offered more predictable returns, compared to platforms that generate yield based on tokens with fluctuating prices.


Every smart contract dealing with digital assets can lead to severe losses for users due to even a small error. This is why a new DeFi product had to undergo an extensive audit in which we would analyze the code and find potential security vulnerabilities.

To do that, we had to analyze several areas:

– security posture – the measure of controls and processes the company has implemented to protect their product from cyber attacks, react, and recover, and more,

– security measures – verifying their maturity, adequacy, and efficiency,

– remediations – after pointing possible security issues, we had to verify if they have been updated.


The audit found several security issues that were presented with severity scores from low to critical:

  • Critical: 3
  • High: 2
  • Medium: 5
  • Low: 3

All the issues had been discussed with SuperStable team and fixed appropriately. After confirmed remediations, our team had again reviewed the code to verify that the fixes were merged.

If you would like to learn more about our findings, head over to the original report.

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