Production and Resource Planning System for Agriculture Company

Scalable and stable app for agriculture company helping to manage all processes from order, through manufacturing to product logistics. The solution meets also high performance test thresholds.

Our client was wishing to make a difference by offering highly innovative agricultural chemicals and services to both farmers and business. To succeed, the company developed internal and external business channels to improve the quality of life for everyone.

Python, Django, Angular, AWS, Docker, Terraform, Kubernetes


To redesign the software application that was highly outdated. Willard Agri-Service had been using a 15-year-old custom Visual Basic application and a 10-year-old PHP application to manage their sales orders and fertilizer production in their five factories (orders are sent to factories, which produce customized fertilizer on demand).

The main purpose of the project was to redesign the software applications improving the way Willard’s products are ordered and how sales orders are sent to factories.


Sales team system module

The sales team is now able to manage Willard’s business contracts more effectively compared to the previous version of the app, as well as create new orders on behalf of customers and send them to the factory.

Order verification module

The system is able to verify the ingredient proportions for each ordered product, ensuring that the mixing occurs correctly in the factory. The system can also monitor the status of materials available in the warehouse, informing if an order cannot be realized because of lack of materials.

Inventory control system

The app can monitor stock levels in Willard’s warehouse, including the individual ingredients required to produce fertilizer. The management system provides a single source of real-time business info, guaranteeing that ordered products are manufactured using the precise quantity of materials. An additional benefit is the ability to maintain one centralized inventory system, allowing greater transparency in relationships with suppliers, vendors and business partners.

Per user rate pricing system

The online software app includes a pricing rate module, which is available to all Willard customers and business partners. Depending on what additional ingredients and proportions are required, a final price is fixed. The customer can receive an invoice in their inbox as well as track payment status.

Mode integration feature

The app is integrated with all five factories, allowing both sales and production management teams to manage customer orders effectively and send product specifications to automated machines in factories to produce customized products for end users. Employees are only involved at the order verification stage, to ensure that all ingredients and their proportions are correct. According to the customer requirement list, a standard ticket consists of the basic order information such as quantity, rate, field area and fertilizer ingredients needed for production.

Business Intelligent report module

The app also consists of a report module where Willard can verify different production rates and parameters including inventories and historical data. The system handles systematic collection, evaluation, processing and presentation of all available business data obtained the company value chain. The tool can be used to prepare data for analysis, develop and run queries, as well as customized dashboards and data visualization.


Cooperation between Willard Agri-Service and Ulam Labs began in 2016, and a prototype software application was delivered in January 2017. The challenges of unifying the two different systems – as well as legacy development issues – were met and resolved successfully.

Created app is scalable, stable and meets high performance test thresholds and serves whole process from order, through manufacturing to product logistics.

Based on cloud native technology, the app can be used online. This means that the client does not have to take infrastructure into account, focusing more on developing their portfolio of products.

Highly efficient web-based platform for making and tracking orders as well as managing the history of bought products and creating bespoke products. Employees can easily manage orders delivering information to factories directly via one system.

Sales team can manage and review their business contracts more effectively and engage with Willard’s business partners, providing guidance, assistance, advice and any recommendations a partner may need to streamline their product orders.


  • Willard Agri-Service is offering highly innovative agricultural chemicals and services to both farmers and business. To succeed, the company develops internal and external business channels to improve the quality of life for everyone.
  • over 45 years in business
  • owned by the Willard family
  • HQ located in Frederick, Maryland, USA.
  • The company manufactures and supplies liquid fertilizers, micronutrients and crop protectants, as well as offering services including yield monitors, data collection and crop management planning. Willard Agri-Service operates in the Mid-Atlantic region.
  • The company provides field by field customized plant nutrition as well as efficient specialised fertilizers, micros, bio stimulants and crop protection products.
  • Five highly automated factories produce and balance fertilizers which can be also delivered by Willard direct to a client’s agricultural land.

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Joshua Ussel
Director Of Information Technology at Willard Agri-Service

We are very satisfied with our cooperation with such a professional, dependable, and trustworthy team of individuals.

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