Video Monitoring Solution for Construction Projects

No matter where you work or what you are in charge of, project delays and disruption – especially on large scale projects – are biggest threats for Project Managers. To keep progress on track, smart tech and advanced software are being deployed to support critical project paths. The construction industry with its complexity characterises with plenty challenges to be tackled.

CEECAM Corporation, wishes to accelerate the evolution of the construction sector, by delivering world class digital camera systems, which track progress on-site allowing companies to implement best practice project management.


Custom Software Development


Python, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform, Google Cloud Functions, Django, Vue

Country of origin



CEECAM Corporation is a leading Canadian telecommunication company delivering software and hardware video systems to track the progress of construction projects.

It now offers cameras that take superior- quality (16, 24, and 36 megapixel) pictures at regular time intervals and which can also live stream video directly from on-site projects.

CEECAM also develops its own software apps, which offer precise control functions for its hardware products. Based on direct customer feedback, the company improves its systems continuously to meet client expectations.

founded in 2012 in Ottawa

specializes in time lapse, live stream, and construction site monitoring designed to

offers products and services all around the world, regardless of geographical location

rapidly growing across North America and around the world

the principal goal of company strategy is to deliver superior-quality and cost effective video solutions for construction projects



CEECAM required a high quality, customer friendly interface for its online system, which would allow the review of photos and entire collections of them from different projects. The range of available tools should be wide, from the basics (enhance, rotate and repair), to pro-level. A key desired feature would enable customers to be continuously informed about real-time on-site project delivery.

The previous online app was limited; it was dedicated for each site (project), which generated additional unnecessary maintenance costs and required new infrastructure capabilities for each new site. On the top of this, a new management system platform was required.

Build a high quality software to review photos and photo collections from different projects.

Advanced range of tools to manage construction project effectively.

Solution providing constant, real-time on-site project delivery updates.

Project overview


The first results were obtained at the beginning of 2018, with the deployment of a prototype image slider. The new app was designed by three software engineers. The final product was implemented in March 2019. Since then, Ulam Labs has been upgrading and improving the app to optimize both performance and customer satisfaction.

Project overview

Key functionalities

Multi-tendency of software application

The platform has been transformed into a multi-tenant solution where a single app serves multiple customers. Each CEECAM customer has their own independent database and customized app interface. Software development and maintenance costs are shared, driving down expenditure and rewarding customers with additional financial benefits.

Auto-playing featured photo slider

An online app allows users to create a photo slider, which switches between images after a period of time. The auto player plugin can be customized, including the interval of when it should stop, continue or finish auto-playing.

Weather forecast plugin

The application accurately detects weather in your project location and shares detailed weather information. The plugin includes information about atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, dew point, wind speed and direction, in addition to making a future forecast.

Historical frame comparison plugin

An image overlay slider allows customers to compare two different images – usually before and after – with the images superimposed over each other. The slider can be manipulated and dragged to display progress and any changes made at the construction project.

On demand photo downloading system

The app offers clients high quality photo storage and on-demand image download.

Administrative interface

The app works as a serverless solution whereby users do not have to keep track of system dependencies - all updates and maintenance occur invisibly and automatically. The new platform contains powerful administration features, fully configurable via a user friendly interface.

Used technology

The tech stack:

Project overview
Magdalena Piksa
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Working with their team has been a really great experience

Ulam Labs offers cooperation with communicative senior developers that understand the role that tech business solutions play. We were kept up to date on all that was going on. Our entire organization is very pleased with our partnership with them.

Carl Westerlund

Director of Technical Services

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