Platform for Designing Uniquely Personalized Fragrances

Perfumes, scented oils and other fragrances have been worn by people since early civilization. The beauty market is one of the most creative industries having to compete on a global market delivering every year new fragrances so as to stay ahead of the crowd. Today, each of us can can create a perfume or cologne of our own! An American startup called Scent Trunk gives you a set of challenges connected to creating your own perfume.


Custom Software Development


Python, Django, AWS, Docker


Founded in 2015 by Will Yin and Richard Smale

The aim was to combat the growing disconnect between product and consumer in the fragrance market

In May 2018 the company was acquired by Perfumer’s Apprentice, an independent fragrance house.

The company makes the experience accessible to anyone with a sense of smell and interest in fragrance.

Scent Trunk sells perfumes based on a customer’s own formula created using ordered samples.

The company leads the future of fragrance brands with an ethos of transparency and individuality.



Scent Trunk’s application worked on the old technology stack that had had no proper tests, no clear separation of front-end and back-end code or CI/CD. Because of this, the company was looking for skilled developers who could develop and maintain their product.

The main goal of the project was to design and code a new product application which could have both customer friendly and high-performance features.



Upgraded application

The application was upgraded with both new design and background services.

New features and security improvement

The continuous integration and continuous delivery services were added giving Scent Trunk an opportunity to upgrade and add new features easily and came with built-in security without extra cost.

Organized system structure

The entire system structure was refreshed so that Scent Trunk could start adding and testing new platform features effectively.

Improved ordering and delivering processes

As a result, the company improved the relationship with their customers improving the ordering and delivering processes. Customers have been able to track their orders in a better way and Scent Trunk has been able to focus on growing its business rather than fixing the technical issues of the application.


Key functionalities

Upgraded back-end services

As a result, the performance of the system has been improved and the most critical parts of the application have been fixed. The system architecture has been organised more professionally.

Upgraded front-end of the application

The user interface and the main parts of the website have been upgraded and redesigned giving a user-friendly dashboard. The relevant data has been grouped keeping all information on one screen and giving users possibilities to track their orders, subscriptions and bills.

Used technology

The tech stack:

William Yin
Scent Trunk Logo

“Their communication is amazing”

It is a pleasure to work with Ulam Labs. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for team that is very professional, delivers results with quality and on time, and truly cares about your product. Ulam Labs are different than other developers we've worked with because they are always put the customer experience first. Finally, their communication is amazing, they are always extremely responsive. I think this once again says a lot about their desire for every company they work to succeed.

William Yin

CEO and Co-Founder of Scent Trunk

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