Construction site project management


Construction industry is the one that faces challenge of managing ultra-complex projects that involves plenty vendors at a time. GotMyJobs makes project management in the industry easier and more efficient.





Backend development

Frontend development



Python, Flask, Google App Engine, CouchDB


In its broadest sense, the company offers services to both small and medium-sized construction companies that want to take full control over their business processes and operations. GotMyJobs' strategy is simply to replace manual scheduling and managing tasks with a powerful collaboration network.


GotMyJobs is a unique platform that allows managers and construction workers to manage their work by using sophisticated web and mobile applications. Their most important features are scheduled tasks, a 100% offline mode, time tracking, events history and geo-localisation. The challenge was to create a platform which improves the current collaboration network, minimises any downtime and adds new app features.


ULAM LABS delivered a fully web operated platform within the google cloud datastore in the back-end which was built for automatic scaling, high performance and ease of application development. ULAM LABS also added additional features to the platform ensuring some improvements within the system scalability and availability.

The project results brought better system performance and general platform management. The cloud datastore allowed for the processing of a large chunk of data quickly as well as giving the end users the opportunity to go through the entire system smoothly.

Key features

Cloud datastore

Ulam Labs built a NoSQL document database using distributed architecture to automatically manage the scaling process as well as support ACID transactions.

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