The Differences Between Public Blockchains - Podcast with Konrad Rotkiewicz, CEO at Ulam Labs

Anna Buczak
20 April 2020 · 1 min read

Let's get back to blockchain basics and explain one thing, there are two types of blockchain: some are public and some are private and only accessible to people who are given permission to use them. We were invited to participate in the BlockchainPR podcast episode to deepen the knowledge about the first ones: public blockchains and differences between them. If you would like to know these fundamental aspects of blockchain, just click on the player!

In the podcast, we were covering the following questions:

  • What are the differences between public and private blockchains?
  • What are the most popular public blockchains?
  • What are the differences between Bitcoin and Ehtereum blockchains?
  • What is Decentralized Finance and why most of DeFi projects utilize Ethereum?
  • Is there a new Bitcoin ahead?

If you would like to get the answer to that questions, listen to the BlockchainPR podcast.

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