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Our inspiration

When someone brought up Stanislaw Ulam as a name inspiration, our brainstorming bickering ceased. The Lviv-born Polish scientist and mathematician, who is most known for his work with computers inspired all of us. We embrace his legacy in our logo, by using a variation of his Prime Spiral, or Ulam Spiral. It is a subtle reminder for all of us to create something greater than just a program.


Even in today's digital era where the need for human interaction is almost extinct, the opportunity to meet project members is invaluable. With Ulam Labs, you can feel at home when we meet face-to-face in the center of Europe in our offices in Wroclaw and Warsaw. As a bonus, you save yourself the potential of a week of jetlag.

Poland is home to top-class specialists in programming and software development. When you choose Ulam Labs as your developers, you choose our professionalism, timeliness and dedication to creating the best product possible.

Stanislaw Ulam, 1945, Los Alamos National Laboratory/PAP

Logo origins

Ulam Spiral
Ulam Spiral
U Letter
"U" Letter
Ulam Labs Signet
Ulam Labs Signet
We strongly believe that great products are possible when the business side and the technology side easily communicate and understand each other.

Meet our management team

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Konrad has 6 years of strong background in Embedded & Networking programming, as well as experience leading multiple teams for UK and US customers, which has laid the foundations for him to become a natural Technology leader.

A man obsessed with continuous improvements, Konrad is never satisfied with his results.

Will help you with:
answering the most sophisticated questions from technology to business. Konrad is often involved in projects as an advisor and/or interim CTO.

Head of Mobile
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Experienced mobile and web applications developer who continuously experiments with cutting edge technologies to find improved and faster solutions to given problems.

Bartosz is someone who believes it is the ”little things that make big things happen”, pushing him to pay utmost attention to detail when creating polished, pixel perfect, smooth and responsive applications.

Will help you with:
getting the best in class mobile applications on the market.

Head of Growth
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An entrepreneur who knows how to listen and how to ask questions to understand customers’ needs.

Marcin is a founder of three tech startups, which were responsible for a scope from customer discovery and validation, prototyping, MVP testing and product development phases. Knowledgeable at supply chain, logistics, industrial, e-commerce as well as SaaS (software as a service) businesses.

Will help you with:
getting you the exact support you need on your project.

Our team is incomplete without you, our customers

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Since our first priority is YOU, our client, we provide a great environment for cooperation. That’s why we don’t act like an outsourcing company, but rather as a part of your in-house team.


We aim to be the go-to partner for the best global tech-based companies. We will do so by offering the best in class software engineering and technological strategic management.


We provide IT services, customer service, product, methodology and technology expertise on a world-class level. Keeping our standards high allows Ulam Labs to be the most desired technological partner in the industry.


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We trust our customers and believe in our customer’s ideas

Our natural environment is technology and the people who build technological products.

We trust founders, project managers and the investors that we meet. They are our partners and understanding their businesses makes Ulam’s team the first supporters of their products.

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Transparency in communication and methodology - (read: we are agile and practice Scrum)

We believe in the transparent communication and workflow as the main guarantee for success. That's why in our day-to-day lives, we use Scrum to run our projects and we ask for, as well as give, honest feedback. A substantial outcome of this approach is keeping us in agreement about budgets and deadlines.

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Respect for the team, the customers and the employees

Ulam Labs is a flat structure organization with roles instead of hierarchies.

We treat each other with respect for who each person is and what values they have. It is how we treat our customers and what we expect back.

Ulam LabsLast but not leastWe do things 100% or we don’t do them at all.

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